How's my bulb setup

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  1. I have a 6 bulb t5 and a 2 bulb t5 blooming in a 8x6 room
    Light sequence:
    pure bloom

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  2. Pretty... but totally unnecessary

    for flower you need only cool white (6500k)

    and the warm white at (2700k) the rest is waste

    for flowering only the warm white at 2700 kelvin is required

    as these are T5's you need to keep the tube right down to the leaf by 1-2 inches

    T5 has very little penetration, hence you can strip away all veg matter

    one foot from the top most leaf, this also improves venting

    I have used T5 and T8's for growing for over 5 years

    back in the day then HPS now LED

    you gotta move with the times

    avoid UV is more dangerous to you than good for the plant

    but if tight is useful to the bud in the last 2-3 weeks

    but is easier to put out in the sun

    more study please (KELVIN)

    good luck
  3. Interesting - it's going to come down to you running a batch or several under your setup to tell for sure. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work well - as far as T5's go.

    The proof will be in your harvest. Get to it!

  4. I had very good results when I switched up my t5 lights a little. I had a 4 bulb fixture. So I went and bought 2 of those LED t5 bulbs (they are pretty pricey) and added 2 of the 2700k (reddish) bulbs. They grew just fine, except I did have a 600w COB LED in the tent at the same time as well. t5 will absolutely work, but I don't think adding those extra bulbs with UV and shit is gonna do much for the plants, and like someone else said probably worse for you than it helps the plant. be careful with that stuff, UV rays can be dangerous.
    Mine certainly responded to having the combination of LED and 2700k lighting, imo, you need a little normal light in that mix as well. Maybe a bulb or two at least.

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