hows my bud?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by grass roots, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. took forever to finally get a hookup last night... i bought 15 grams for 180 bucks of this stuff. I sold two 8ths for 40 bucks the same night and kept the rest, and this is what i got (after rolling a apple blunt last night out of my stash and cramming an entire nug into my bowl)... seedless and sticky as hell, my favorite :D

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  2. this is that big nug out of it... it weighs 7.5 grams!

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  3. doesnt look bad at all..have fun smokin that :)
  4. The first picture was kinda dark and it didn't look too spectacular, but that second picture looks awesome. Good snag man, have fun with it.
  5. nice lookin bud.... although i'd say 180 is a bit steep for a half o. better than what i have now though (absolutely nothing)
  6. it was actually 15 grams, a gram more than a half o... when i think about it, it was a pretty damn nice deal... im happy atleast, and i got some for tomarrow :D
  7. thats $360 an o. i dont ever get an o if its over 290 and its all dank
  8. Looks like some good weed but damn expansive I pay 150 canadian dollar for a full Oz.
  9. DAMN........i guess u all get ripp'd on ur price's here in texas we pay 70$ and oz or elbow and the shit is good herb got 3 oz yesterday and waitin to post a pic soon so be ready..
  10. looks great
  11. looks pretty good.....looks like this P91xTrainwreck i tried.......
  12. where's that pic at bbb
  13. omg it looks mad nice, you better smoke tht shit to your face and get recked lol...its what id do lol
  14. uhh hold on you bought a half for 180 and sold two eigths for 40 or was it 40 dollars each?

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