Hows my bonsai mother plant looking?

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  1. Blackberry Kush, turned a clone into a bonsai mother plant.

    I've topped a couple of times so far.

    When she starts to yellow a bit, I'll feed her a fert solution with a total NPK of 5-11-11, along with 1/4 tsp of superthrive per gallon of water. I give her about one cup or so of "food" when she needs it. Last time was yesterday. Otherwise I just plain water.

    This is the second-to-last pot she will be in. Her final home will be a 6"x6" square pot. I don't want to put her into that until I've got all the pruning done, though.

    Anyway, how does she look?

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  2. Why would you wait until it's yellowing to feed? You're just hurting your bitch
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    Well to be fair that only happened once so far (the yellowing)

    But the reason, is because I was told you don't need to feed it regularly like you would a plant during a regular grow cycle. Is this not the case?

    If so, how often should I be feeding her then?

    And, how is that NPK ratio? 5-11-11? The reason I've got it heavier on the P and K is because I've been told phosphorous is the main nutrient that influences root development. The only fert I can find with phosphorous that without supplying an outrageous amount is a 0-10-10. I mix that with my 5-1-1 veg fertilizer
  4. transplant more than once just to get to a six inch pot?
  5. It helps with the training of the bonsai mother to be smaller yet have a bunch of growth sites. You gotta trim the roots and stuff...
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    As Mayor said before me, it's to get as many tops going as you possibly can, while still keeping the plant very small. Hence, "Bonsai" Mother plant. It's good of you don't have fatty HID lights or something like that to keep it under. Tiny, yet productive.

    Mine has about 12 or 14 tops going right now, so if I were to transplant it into the six inch pot now, all of those tops would grow out slightly, and I'd take them as cuttings.

    Process is like this.

    Top > Top again in a few days/a week (repeat until you get a number of tops you like) > transplant from medium pot to large pot (6"x6") > Allow tops to grow out > Cut them, leaving a couple nodes for future growth > remove from large pot > prune roots way back > replant in smallest pot out of 3 (My bMother started in a tiny cactus pot) > Nourish back to health and repeat.

    She'll never get much more than 8" tall, and will hopefully, in my situation, produce somewhere between 20 or 30 cuttings every few months or so.

    I like SOG / SCROG :)

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