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  1. Hi guys i just wanted to get opinions on how you all think my girl is going. First time I've grown a non-auto strain. She is a northern lights vegged for roughly a month and she's been flowering for a little over 5 weeks (sexed about 2 weeks into flowering) She's under 150w CFL main light and two 30w CFL at the side and bottom. I've uploaded some pictures of her, she's had a but of yellowing of the lower leafs but i give her some nutes once a week. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is the buds aren't really fattening up, she's got a lot of 'frost' over the leafs and stuff, and some of the hairs have started to turn orange now. Do you guys think she will fattening up and is there anything i can do to improve my yield ?

    P.s the nutes I've been given her are bio bizz i have grow, bloom, top max and alg-a-mix

    thanks for any help :smoke:

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  2. If I understood correctly this plant is only 3 weeks from showing sex, in which case yes, there is a LOT of fattening up yet to happen. The plant has a nice healthy colour for sure.

    Give a little more info about your set up. Soil presumably? What's ur day/night temps, humidity and such.
  3. The soil I'm using is just miracle grow, humidity is about 60% and temps are about 26c during when the lights are on, maybe 5-10 degrees less at night (never really checked the night time temps) I was hoping this might finish near the end of this month ? i thought nl took 7/8 weeks to finish flowering ?
  4. Yeah 7/8 weeks AFTER they show sex, and that's only in optimal conditions. I would expect to wait another 5 or 6 weeks if you want her to properly mature.

    All other variables sound good tho. You should be golden. Just gotta be patient lol ( I know I know!)

    Are you keeping an eye on PH?
  5. Ah okay i see what your saying about the flowering times still have a while then, i know i gotta have patient just never had much luck with growing my own, plus first time doing all this light cycle stuff (only grown auto's before) but i'm pretty happy with how's she doing i just wanted a rough time scale on progress and yes I have a ph meter, but i haven't checked recently, I'll have to do that but it's pretty constant and stays at 7, I've got P.H down but it seems to be okay at 7 so i aint gonna waste time messing with the ph unless i have to.

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