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hows maine?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hollopointclown, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. whad up,

    i live in grafton couty,nh an was thinking of moving to a pot friendly state. i checked a lil on maine an it seems the best choice right off. does anyone from maine have any advice or ideas on where i should move to in maine? my only modivation for moving is to grow.its my only true love an ambition in life, an i live in a pig infested town, where im always paranoid.:smoking: eventualy i will be moving to europe and finaly be FREE!!

    :smoking:KEEP IT JUGGLN:smoking:
  2. my friend, you are going the wrong direction. just go directly left into Vermont. not many cops at all (less you in a "city"), PLENTY of space to grow, and all of it is secure.
  3. whad up,

    realy? thier's much more stipulations on getting medical mary over thier aint thier? cuase shit vermonts 5 mins away, wouldnt even realy be moving. its amazing how we live right in the middle of 2 pot loving states an yet were the ""live free or die state"" haha i just wanna be free, fuck going to jail for just trying to be happy. the cost of living is much cheaper in vermont than it is in nh isnt it?:smoking:

  4. Cali is where its at!
  5. You might want to look into that because I think Maine is a "big three" state, ie cancer, AIDS, and MS. Rhode Island, however, covers all medical conditions that can be helped by cannabis...I'm sure it's much easier to aquire a card there. :wave:
  6. yeah, not to many in VT have med weed cards (or whatever), but their not neccessary. in the town i live in, theirs 3 cops, and i've toked with 2 of them. honestly, if they going to catch you, all they going to do is take the weed for themselves. plus, you said you maine motivation in moving is growing, so not any reason for med.

    and how far yo from lebonan?
  7. i used to live in nashua :).
  8. i want the med card so its legal to grow. if i just wanted to grow id move 20min's north :smoking:


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