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    3 weeks from seed, lights are on a 24/0 cycle, fox farm half strength potting soil, is it looking healthy so far? this is my first grow, just looking for advise, male or female?

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  2. looks healthy, and you wont be able to tell until after you start flowering it, or if you veg for a long time it might show preflowers! so, cross your fingers
  3. Looks great so far!

    As above poster said, too soon to tell male or female :) You could clone a branch and flower it to find out though!
  4. vertical grow is very slow though, what do i do to get ot a little taller?
  5. Lighting change to 18/6 or move the lights further away. Both of those can stimulate growth. May also need a bigger pot.

    With mine they seem to grow only an inch or two in a few weeks, than I change lights or repot them and POOF! 5 inchs atleast within a week. (I got lucky last time, all my plants are half inch from ceiling of their box, last time everyone of them hit it and bent over while I slept!)
  6. short is better than too tall, i have an 8 foot sativa inside, and its nearly impossible to keep it growin, it is literally just so god damn big.

    but if you wanna make em grow vertical, move yours light higher, bigger pot, good nutes, and also, genetics has a lot to do with it, some grow insanely tall, and some stay short and bushy
  7. Looks good bro. Looks like one of my plants. I'm about 26 days in you should check out my grow (in my sig)
  8. if growth has slowed or stopped. and the leaves start dropping ( happened to me) i would say look into some nutrients for it then. after i gave her some the bitch wont stop growing now.

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