Hows it look?? 1st Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ice1017, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Just an update the humidifier helped a lot i think

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  2. another update it just took off out of nowhere about 2 days ago :)

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  3. yes those leaves are starting to stack up. remember closer the light(without being too close it burns the tips of the leaves) the wider the plant the higher the light the taller. my suggestion would be to keep humidity up for the first month. add more light if you havent already bush that thing the FUCK out. 3 feet tall 4 feet wide.
    2 months in when you start seeing tons of strong branches ect. train the branches(1 at a time) to grow side ways by tieing them down to something to cause them to grow side ways....your leaves will be upside down however in 1-3days you will see them flip up to the light. when your plant is ready to flower like this with all the branches trained sideways your bud will literally grow straight up. super fucking cool and super fucking easy to cut down the proper buds. remember when you flower to buy at least a 30x magnifying glass to check the trichomes after 1month. when they are all a golden brown/reddish youll cut them. most strains are 8weeks of flowering.
  4. and by 1 at a time. i mean tie a branch down let it acclimate for 5days tie another down. wait 5 days... tie another ect...

  5. thanks a lot dude!:D ill deffently try this and ill post a ton of pics on the way
  6. so do you think i should higher the nights a lil bit to let it gro taller of just keep it the same??

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