How's it going from Indiana

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ColenelDaze, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Whats good guys? Been lurking around the forums for a few years now and decided it was finally time to join up.
  2. Welcome to the city man.
  3. Nice place you got here, this bowl is for y'all. :smoking:
  4. Waddup.

    I'm in Indiana...the boring part (812).
  5. wat part u from ? im in the 260
  6. I'm in the 812, right across from Louisville.
  7. 260 is the wayne, right? thats where my wife is from! We just moved south to the 317! sw side of indy! lovin it here. good to meet some fellow indiana peeps. to bad were all spread out over the state.
  8. 765 here... how's the smoke report in your counties..
  9. In the NW 317 (Hendricks & Marion) and also into the 765 (Parke & vermillion) and 812 (Vigo) I've got my hands on some Apple Crisp and some Strawberry Kush floating around lately at some descent prices. Apple for 280 an O but the Strawberry was insane at 60 an 1/8. My close friend that buys from a particular person in 317 got some compressed mods for 70 an O and after breaking it down it was some kind of purp that had been commercialized. Sad to see it in that form but it was sticky and gave an amazing high! One of those that made you think deep! Had some seeds and stems in it, but hey! It was $70! What are finding in 765 where ur at?
  10. There's a lot to chose from.... I'm not big into paying a lot so I just go with reg... 60 a half is better for me than 60 an eighth.
  11. Any new updates with the new year coming and all...
  12. Im from Northwest indiana (219)
    happy toke days! :)
  13. Nothing yet, seems like the supply is out there and not seeing much shortage. Prices are starting to taper off a bit. Hearing more positive reaction from legalization reforms for our state. Debating a personal use grow this year, outdoor.
  14. Same place as me man.
  15. I go thru this debate every year. I'm just too scared to grow outside around here. Now an indoor grow. That's not much of a debate

  16. Looks like we've got the opposite issue. In so open to outdoor! But indoor scares me.
  17. For me Indoor is much safer than growing on some farmers land where it's just asking to be stumbled upon. My old man has 9 acres of farm land but I wouldn't risk his livelyhood for my buds. Plus there's alot of air traffic over his land which scares me alot. Indoor is safer in my opinion cuz I can grow in a closed off section of my basement and I can padlock it up and with a carbon filter the smell is almost benign. But if your having good luck with outdoor harvest and nobody stumbling over your plants then more power to you. Plants are ment to be outdoors in real sunlight but our state isn't as progressive as western states. Good luck with whatever grow you decide on. And happy smoking
  18. Anyone heard anything about medical marijuana coming to Indiana... I grew some this winter indoors... It came out good and I have about another 2 months left on my current batch... I just get paranoid... I'm much happier outside except I can't care for them as well as an indoor grow...
  19. None that I've heard of. Our Decrim bill got killed in legislature earlier this year. I find that it's easier to control the environment indoor. Makes for a more consistent yield/harvest.

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