hows it goin?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawpawpump, May 23, 2002.

  1. Hows everybody doin just a question does anybody out there get moody when they go without.
  2. I rarely ever go without but when I do, I get extremely moody. It might as well be that time of the freakin' month. It isn't so much not being high as it is knowing that I am out of bud. That is what sucks.
  3. Welcome pawpawpump!!! Nice to "meet" ya!! :wave:

    Yes I do!!! Lmao! :D: :hippie:
  4. Oh hell yeah! My monthly supply comes and goes in a cycle so there's at least one week out of the month where I either run out or have very little. The timing is right on the nose one week after my wife's period. So she has her fits for a few days (while I'm still high!!!!), then she gets to put up with me for me for a few days (revenge!!!). I'm pretty irritable during those few days. I want my extra sleep, clothes ironed, fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge, and God forbid put the TV on the Lifetime Channel. I'm so bad that I usually will not have sex either. But it's only a few days..

  5. Damn!! That sounds JUST like me except the "sex thing", never get too moody for that!! Lmao! :D: :smoking:
  6. I get stressed. When I'm smoking regularly I'm cool and relaxed the whole time, even when I'm not high. But if I go more than a few days without a smok I start to get restless, stressed and irritable and things bother me a lot easier, and I'm not as laid back about everything. Like RIGHT NOW 'cos I haven't been smoking because of exams, and my last exam isn't till the 20th of June, and I'm trying not to get high till then, and it blows! :(

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