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hows it coming along?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrMac, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. seriously how am i doing? i'd hate to be one of those annoying noobs who needs to ask every 2 seconds... but i dunno haha

    took this picture today. probably not the best picture in the world but it works. i started it on the 2nd of april, today is the 22nd. havent had a whole lot of light on it(a whopping 42 watts coming from a cfl) and i havent used nutes yet. i need to go out and get some soon. its in a computer case one fan blowing in one blowing out and the lights about an inch away from it. and its been on 12/12 since the beginning(im REALLY limited on space)

    so all that info aside here it is.
    i'm already expecting for people to tell me to do everything differently. im ready for it lol

  2. why 12/12? it should be 18/6 or 20/4 for the first 3-4weeks. and yeah go get those nutes...

  3. yeah i know i just didnt want it to grow too big or anything. just extra precautions i guess. the case i'm growing it in is pretty small so itll have to do.
  4. If you have a confined space, I think you're doing the right thing flowering from seed. I would suggest getting a 6500K or 5000K spectrum bulb in there to balance your spectrum and stop stretching.

    Ideally, you would add another bulb and not replace one of the ones you have.
  5. Looks like you started off with poor light because the plant is stretched up to the first node, but then looks like you got good light on it because the internode spacing from there is nice and tight. You are right at the point where you need to start adding ferts. If height is an issue you can look into LST (sticky on it at top of this forum) to veg out more to increase yield and still keep the plant low.

  6. yeah haha i actually started it along with 1 other plant(that stretched a LOT and i just got rid of it, not enough space) by a window sill and this one was about an inch and a half(or more. its in my gallery.. i didnt measure it so i dont know) before i put it under a light. figured it was a really bad idea and the thing woulda just died if i kept it like that.

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