hows everyones day going

Discussion in 'General' started by crisis_slayer, Jul 3, 2017.

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    hows peoples day going on this lovely site
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  2. Requesting hookups is not permitted.
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  3. im sorry i didnt realize im new to this ill take it down now
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  4. My day is just fine. I do hope you find everything you need today:weed:
  5. Good. Tired. Just woke up from a crazy dream(tbreaks will do that to ya), want nothing more than to wake and bake but can't do that for another 28 days. Sad my dream was just a dream though, I had found a new plug(I don't have a single one in Houston of all places). Guess I will play some killing floor 2 and clean/mow later
  6. Its going well I just smoked from my bong lol feeling good. Getting ready to go see the fireworks with my kids and my husband tomorrow.
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  7. Quite tired actually. I just ran out of the medication and it will be some time before I can get some more.
  8. Great day!having some fun with my son
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  9. Just got a new car now to break it in with a nice fat ass blunt and drive

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  10. Shitty. Thanks.

    28 month jobless spree for me
  11. It wasn't going well at all, until I sat down and sparked a bowl.

    Now it's groovy. :GettingStoned:

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