Hows everybody doing tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I haven't smoked for a few days, but I'm completely fine with that. I'm having a cousins sub right now :).
  2. shit im chillin

    bout to go smoke a few blunts with some friends
  3. i'm outta bud and it sucks
  4. I've got a good amount of weed. I just haven't been in the mood to smoke.
  5. I'm doing pretty sweet, I took 3 grav bong tokes with vaporized weed and kief sprinkled on ontop and now my friend is coming over to smoke me up cause I'm dry.
  6. Doing just fine, thank you.

    Took a few hits since I been home... I'm high.

    Waiting on my girl to call me and then decide on what we should eat. Any ideas ? Shoot em this way, I got a little while to burn.

  7. When in doubt, order Chinese.
  8. On day 3 of my t-break :hello::D
  9. I'm okay, thank you for asking. Drinking a Red Bull at work (less than two hours left) and just kicking it on this website. I asked my buddy that works next door for an 8th and I got 2.5. What the hell is that? I haven't paid him yet so tomorrow I'll just hand him 50 and say the bag wasn't what it was supposed to be. I wonder if he doesn't know what an 8th is... I couldn't see him trying to rip me off but who knows.

    Other than that... I'm ready to get off and smoke a blunt with my friends and my bro, who I haven't seen in about five days.
  10. Pretty terrible to be quite honest.

    I had two panic attacks this morning, spent six hours in emergency only for them to give a script for meds that don't seem to be working.

    So I lay in bed with this constant stabbing pain/dull ache in the middle of my chest, hoping that the meds will sometime kick in. Ugh.
  11. Schools boring as fuck and half my friends hate me.


    But I'm chuggin' along! :p
  12. Smoking help?
  13. im doin man, just had a beer, watchin tv. pretty bored actually, but cant think of anything to do.
  14. Shit its my 10th day not smoking, Figured my drug test would be today if i get one. But now i got to wait for this new place i got hired at to call me back and bring me in and ill find out then.

    Otherwise drankin a brew bumping King Gordy.

  15. Yeah, I wish it were legal so we can smoke in peace and still get a job.
  16. Fucking good just got some taco bell and now i'm just chilling playing pc games :eek:
  17. Feeling so anxious about this potential relationship im starting to feel sick.
  18. Good side is I have a good job, and money. bad side is im out of a dealer and dont feel like roaming the ghetto streets to find a new one :(
  19. Fucking drinking some beer right now. Listening to

    [ame=]YouTube - GOD FORBID - Chains Of Humanity (OFFICIAL VIDEO)[/ame]
  20. so damn bored im listening to some silver sun pickups...

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