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  1. Well, I finally successfully logged in..had a blonde moment when I first registered here..Thanks, Aeroblurg! This site looks pretty cool and I'm glad to see many of my Yahookan friends here.

    I've been a daily toker for about 5 years now, with a few dry spells here and there, like RIGHT NOW! But still, life's pretty good. I am a single, 33-year old mom of a 10-year old boy who acts more like the adult in the family LOL.

    Anyways, just wanted to say howdy to all of you fine peoples out there, and I hope this post finds you all well and toting a full sacky!


  2. :D Hey sweetie pie. glad to see you here. Hope you remeber your password this time :D
  3. I hope so, too!!
  4. i bet her password is blond. lol (and if it is then im sorry) lol any way, welcome to the board stonygurl.
  5. hey girlfriend,dont sweat that password thing a few of mine are so crazy i forget jimsgotabigbutt...ihaterenae....catspheww crap like that.
    i was wierdly happy to be directed to this pla! and smiling hugely cause were all here.
    peace and have a good day
    and damn if i dont have mail i cant figures
  6. Welcome! hope you stay long :)


  7. Heya, Stony. Glad the blonde moment passed. ;) Talk to you later.


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  8. Hey little Miss Dynamite, [​IMG] , the girl of my dreams [​IMG] , now that you have met our old buddy wolfie [​IMG] , tell us what he is like.
  9. [​IMG] [​IMG] Lemme just say, I was quite impressed when he stepped out of his car..I hardly even noticed that club foot!

    As I said on the other site, which, by the way, is once again DOWN, he's got GORGEOUS eyes, and beautiful long hair. Tall dark n handsome, as the saying goes. Yep, pretty nice package, all in all. And a mind to go with it!!!! [​IMG]
  10. Aw, shucks, ma'am. You do flatter me. :eek: :)

    It is amazing what they're doing with prosthetics and reconstructive surgery these days. Damn, sometimes even I forget I have a club foot.

    Heh. :rolleyes:


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