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    Howdy all this is my first post

    Long time smoker, novice grower, dependant on the dreaded black market for my tokes. Started off with the dreaded soapbar for a few years untill the Irish market was suddenly and finally flooded with initially high quality smoke which has taken a turn for the worse although things seem better as of late with a lot more locally grown grass available.. toking on some unknown NON-SPRAYED! hyrdo buds at the minute with some appetising organe hairs jutting around

    Im into the activism. I have a successful worldwide marijuana march under my belt (well not that successful the law hasnt changed yet) and may be participating in a local university debate in the coming weeks. Im not a debator, I just have a passion for human life and theres an aspect of it I am knowledgeable about which is being undermined by the fallacy of the expensive and futile prohibition

    Hope ye might be able to help me understand a few arguments and debating skills among other things

    See ye out there!

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