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  1. My hubby, cowboysaxman, set me up here. This is my first post, I mostly just read what ya'll write and look at the mind boggling pictures! My, Oh, My, I have never seen plants like that! Looking forward to visitin' wit ya'll!

    A big hello to BPP! Thanks for the prize. I hope we will meet again and this time tell your wife ahead of time!!! LOL
  2. Hey Hey

    Welcome to the city. Enjoy!
  3. usually that's all I say pretty much.... but the sax man is a good friend on this forum- as is everyone else- MAN I LOVE THIS PLACE....
  4. Yes we're all just a bunch of bored stoners. All of us love this place and feel that it is more of an extended circle of friends. I need to get some of those in the real world. Hope you have a great time in the city...

  5. HIGH Baby!!!!! Now that you're gettin' aquainted, maybe I'll stop gettin' that "What the fuck are you talkin' about" look, when I'm jabberin' about the CITY!! LOL :wave:

    Thnx to the Herb ya "snuck" out and got last eve, my back is a lot better today!!! :hello: :smoking:

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