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  1. Good morning to all! Just joined up this morning after deciding was the best put together site on the web. Looking forward to reading, posting, sharing and asking numerous questions about growing since I am in the planning stages of building my first grow box. :D
  2. Same here...welcome. where do you hail from?
  3. Originally from the east coast but moved out to Los Angeles a few years back. Read about your ticket on your post, sorry to hear that. But honestly in this day and age it's no big deal. Having worked in the restaurant/service industry for many years I can assure you people won't even blink at something like that. Unless you plan on cooking for the CIA...:D
  4. LA? I've always wanted to go there, but only made it to Diego. Maybe the next road trip, but I def want to get to the west coast again.

    And thanks, I'm not too worried because I know there are people who would hire me regardless of any legal issue, and in kitchens it's more who you know than any of that application stuff.

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