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  1. whut up all

    ive joined this forum in hope to of meeting some fellow smokers who know how to grow. Ive been smoking bud now for about 4 yrs and i sick of wasting my money on shity sacks and want to grow my own.i have no idea even how to grow but i want to learn. im thinking of growing outside but i may grow indoors. any help would be most appreciative.l
  2. Welcome to the best city on the 'Net! Kick off your shoes and stay awhile. You'll learn lots of growing information from this site. Check out the indoor and outdoor growing forums. I'd point ya to a good website, but I can't spoil all of Critter's fun... :) And make sure ya absorb any advice that Woody posts, that man knows his shit inside and out. Have fun!!
  3. Welcome to the city.....Peace out....Sid
  4. Hi, welcome to THE City...

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