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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smokinupmass, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. How's it going guys? My names josh and I'm from boston. Obviously a huge stoner as everyone here is, and I follow up on some of this stuff so I thought it might be time to join. --> also because my job can be very boring. Smoke only straight danks, blunts all day, and I'm down for pretty much anything. Lets smoke :smoking:
  2. Hey there, welcome to the club! I just joined the City today, searched for "Boston," and there you were! Where in the Bean? I'm in JP. Always down to puff some dank nugs. Also, I just posted something on the Mass Cannabis group site about some kids getting harassed in the Common for smoking. I thought that was like a safe haven for stoners? Am I totally wrong?
  3. I'm actually about a half hour out of Boston, near Worcester. But I'm in Boston a lot. Getting harassed on the common is pretty lame considering half of Boston is up in smoke. Hempfest or any day of the week, the common needs to remain a safe spot.
  4. Welcome to the city, dudes. :smoke:

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