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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MrNegativity, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Hey everybody! I've been browsing these forums for the last few days, seems like you're all a bunch of nice people hahah. Anyway I'm a pretty new smoker and I thought I'd register and chat with you fine people! =P. Hmmm this is a pretty boring introduction post sorry everybody!

    Ya so I just started smoking about 3 weeks ago when my friend brought some weed over. I had tried marijuana before but didn't like it but I decided to try it again and now I love the feeling!
  2. A very good welcome to you MrNegativity, hope you enjoy the forums, they get addictive, you just keep on posting :)

  3. Thanks pal :D! These forums do seem like a good time, I've been browsing them for the past two weeks and I just now decided to start posting haha I don't know why it took me so long
  4. Sup MrNegativity..... im pretty new my self, but anyhow welcome & check out the forum LOTS of useful info here.
  5. Welcome to the city..Enjoy your stay!

  6. thats what happened with me didnt really get into the first time but by the third time it just became a way of life so to say!
  7. Welcome to the City! :D
  8. Welcome to your new home on the 'Net. Yup, you're now hooked! :D
  9. Welcome to the City!!!!

    The place that you will never forget?

    See Yaa

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