Howdy! Newbie from Ireland.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kevin1me, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Yo, Just signed up.
    Not sure what your supposed to say when introducing yourself but ill give it a shot..

    Name- Kevin
    Location - N.Ireland
    Age - 20

    I enjoy the company of MJ, starting to prefer it over drinking :eek:
    for anyone who actually reads this ( I dunno how big the community is yet) Question time: How often do you smoke and how much? :)

    I'm not too sure what else I'd put in without getting too personal :p
    but i've been coming on here for a while for tips etc but never signed up until today ;) Guess that calls for a celebration :D
  2. Hey, I'm new myself but, Welcome aboard!
  3. A. Ireland is fucking awesome.
    B. Welcome to the City
    C. Weed > alcohol
    D. Im on a bit of a marijuana break due to vacationing abroad/needing to get a job, but I used to smoke 1-2 times a day for about a year just a month ago. I don't use nearly as much bud as u would expect, as I use my Da Buddah Vaporizer which conserves nicely.
  4. Yay for Irish tokers! :hello:

  5. Im Belarusian by birth and live in the US....:(......but i still think Ireland is fucking awesome!!!! :hello::hello::hello:
  6. An Irish smoker! Welcome!
    My dream destination :D

    I smoke every night pretty much without fail.
    Maybe one or two bowls.

  7. I wanna move to the UK /cry:mad::mad:
  8. Why?? The weather's shit over here, pretty much everythings shit apart from the countryside scenery and the healthcare. Just my opinion, anyway. Can't wait to move.

  9. Yup. Apart from the drum and bass. We do that well.:cool:

    Welcome to the city my man!
    I'm half irish myself

  10. That's bomb! I'm not sure about living there, but I would love to be able to travel within for a good chunk of the year!

    Any specfic place? :)

    What an ignorant comment. Just leave.
  11. Why the fuck is that an ignorant comment? I live here, I have all my life. As I stated, in my opinion, it's shit, and I listed reasons why. That's not ignorant, it's an opinion.
  12. Truth.
    My bad.

  13. Ah you're from the north... is that not the UK? :p
    Nah, I'm only messing.. Come down to the Republic.. I'm rotting in the shithole that is Dublin
    +1 for weed over alcohol :D
  14. Welcome to the city man. Enjoy your stay :smoke:

    oh yeah, and I smoke just about everyday unless I have important shit to do
  15. Lot of wetsers in Ireland

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