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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KeeferSutherlan, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, been looking around for a few days and finally decided to join the forum. I had my first joint when I was 13 long ago... didn't really get into it, but smoked every blue moon socially and being that I'm a girl (yea I know my handle would make u think opposite, but I just had to use it bc I thought it was pretty clever..shout out to 24! lol) I never purchased my own weed. So fast forward many years later... I'm older and wiser and I want to experiment with different buds and smoke better (well vape). Being that I'm in the best place for it.... anyone want to point me in the right direction?? :smoking:

    I don't have a medical card... don't really have the urge to get one, so I'll go the dealer route... (is there a better word? Dealer just sounds so scoundrelish...)

    Here are a few things I want for starters:

    1. Some sativa that will give me a clear head buzz and give me energy and make me happy :) Don't want the paranoid crazy kind

    2. Some good ole indica that wont hit super super hard, but something that makes my body think its melted butter on a warm stove after a nice workout...

    3. Maybe some indica/sativa hybrid to mix it up?

    Thanks in advance fellow tokers!!

    Oh one last thing, I was looking at this site for a stealth PC grow box (don't want to include links and get booted), do those really work?? Seems a bit restrictive b/c its a tight place and its expensive as hell!

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