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  1. hey people. from Vanvouver B.C. medical grower researcher. i run testings on a companies nutrient line. im with Green Planet Nutrients. i am not here as a salesman but to show journals and my research. trying to show what and how nutes are used for. a few trade secrets on other bennefits of our foods we use.
    i work with Dr Hornby with testing all my products so i will be sharing cannabinoidal profiles of medicine i grow here. i have alot of medical info or treating pains with natural medicines as well as with cannabis. the how and why it does what it does for us.

    so anyways ill get to a journal over the next couple days. im building a new room at the moment so ill video this whole build for us and post it up. anybody has any questions on medical info or nutrient info hit me up. im here to help people learn to use their products better. no matter the brand of foods.
    so im off to look around the site here.
  2. Yay! I'm excited for your contributions to the city. Glad you signed up! :wave:
  3. all about helping and passing on info.

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