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How'd you find your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by powertopeeps, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Pretty straight forward. Just curios because my old dealer recently quit and now I have to resort to getting hook ups from some of my school mates that will or might rip me off or my bro's dealer.
  2. Met one @ a party a party. Another was an old friend of mine kinda (I actually knew him way back in elementary school)
  3. Got my Medical Marijuana Recommendation, now I can go to any of the hundreds of clubs in the Los Angeles area - though I ususally only frequent one.
  4. Ask people who smoke if they can introduce you to their hookup? I got some friends who are like middlemen but hook me up pretty cheap as well.
  5. well im still in high school, so i met my main dealer in calculus. We just got to talking and eventually about bud. Apparently he trusted me, cause he's like "hey if you ever need bud just hit me up." so i did, and he hooked it up, and ive been going to him ever since.
  6. look around from your school friends. and feel free to say NO! to a bag that looks short.
  7. At a party, he was already kinda a friend of mine, but I was just like, "hey man you got bud?" and i've been hittin' him up ever since.
  8. I was talking to this girl in my chemistry class about weed and she was just like "Yeah, it's sick being a dealer and a girl cause cops never search me."

    I was just like "Oh shit, you deal?" She said "yeah" and that was that.

    She hooks it up really nice, too. She's a stoner and understand where we're coming from looking for good prices, so she barely makes a profit, but it's enough for her to have weed and food whenever she wants, so it's cool with her.
  9. Asked an old roommate if he could get some, but he stopped due to an accident he had (long story), and he just gave the number of his best friend who sells.
  10. met one at a party once. a few through some friends. every other dealer i knew through school.
  11. I asked a co worker who i was cool with and he happened to be a dealer haha.
  12. My friend's dad actually sells to me at really good prices and if I go over there, he always lets me smoke from his stash (and I go over there quite often).
  13. My friend's brother sells weed and all my friend's know a lot of other dealers if he's not available.
  14. In high school I always got it through my boyfriend, also I got it through a friend that smoked once.

    The two guys I have now basically are just friends or friends of friends.

    One of them, I was at a party and ran into a neighbor of mine, and we got on the topic of bud while we were outside smoking cigs. He told me he could get me whatever I wanted, and I texted him the next day and he hooked me up. The other guy is a friend of my roommate's and he told her he was selling, so I went to buy with her and got his number while I was over there.
  15. in high school i would just buy off my friends

    now i have two-my main one i got his number through a friend and my back-up i met at a party
  16. i have several classmates that hustle and basicly met new guys through ppl
  17. well my current main dealer is my neighbor.....met him for that reason...then soon after he started dealing and i was like fuk yeah...this is convinient...
  18. i have 3 dealers
  19. Well, I have a bunch of dealers, really, but I met my main guy through a friend, whom I met through yet another friend. He's a crazy motherfucker (I once saw him whup a guy with a kendo stick for not paying him on time), but damn, does he ever have some good grass.

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