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Howcome we are told its bad when its not

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by porschetarbo, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. I was having an argument with my mom this morning....she stole my pipe and tells me weed is bad, I tell her it's good and offered to show her Granny's list as proof. She then retaliates by saying bla bla I don't trust those articles, the news tells me it's bad, and the news is the news! It holds more credit than your articles! Then dad goes off on a tangent about Obama talking about cannabis and how it's class 1 on par with heroin/coke.
    Even in high school I was told it had a million cancer causing things equivalent to cigarettes, and my teacher made weed sound extremely bad if I didn't know what weed was. 

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    All Of Your Answers.

    This video explains the reasons why it was made illegal and the reasons why it is becoming harder to legalize today due to our fucked up past. It is such a amazing video. The intro is narrated but than you get a host that travels and speaks with other marijuana enthusiasts. 
  3. Couple of things.  When you're under their roof, they make the rules.  You're lucky your parents care about you.
  4. Because $
    While I actually enjoyed watching The Union, I would never try to use it to convince someone of the benefits of MJ...anyone who watches it would have to be pretty blind not to see that it is pro MJ to a fault... 
    Not saying it's bad, but I think people who are against MJ would tend to discount anything they saw in The Union due to it's obvious bias...
  6. It's a losing battle to try and convince your parents that if they are set in their ways.
    It also does you no good.

    Respect them and understand their rules when under their roof, and then when you live on your own, you can make your own rules.
    I am not saying I didn't smoke pot when I was living with my parents, because I did plenty. I'm just saying, you sound pretty young, and you live with your parents. Like it or not, you kinda gotta do what they say. 

  7. Well then she must agree that the economy is getting better, and that NSA snooping is a good thing, and blah blah blah....she drank the kool-aid...sorry dude. If you can get her to admit that the government has lied about the safety of consumer products like alcohol and tobacco then maybe you can convince her.
    The simple fact is, if you aren't prepared or capable of getting her to sit down and listen to reason then it's hopeless. Personally, I have had these debates with several members of my family successfully, and it was a years long process and I started at the root of the matter which is that it is prohibited in favor of corporate profits, and lobbyist dollars. It isn't an easy argument to win, and concessions will have to be made in order to further your argument until you can backtrack and clear up the finer points. Without going into it, arm yourself with knowledge, educate yourself to the REAL facts, and become as competent a listener as you are a talker. There is propoganda from both sides, and simply saying "The government is making more money off of it being illegal" is a stupid argument, and nonsensical.
     If you can't prepare yourself for those hard questions, or it just turns into a shouting match then all is lost. Hide your shit better, and tell moms it's your life. And be prepared to get booted out or to leave.
    The best place to have a discussion over your pipes, bongs or weed is with them sitting right on the coffee table in front of your folks in your very own apartment. And that is FACT!
  8. Lol Obama said its congress' job to reschedule Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. I agree he should respect his parents while under their roof.  But I still believe the truth should be brought to light in their minds. 
  10. because..... f#ck u mine mine mine
    if u tell people it is bad or gives "low sperm count" or stoners are losers then people will listen
    if u say its good and list all the good things with it then "who needs u all i need is weed"
    fact 50% of high school students smoke pot. been that way since the 60's doesnt get higher or lower just stays the same what does that tell u?
    and lots of states are passing laws legalizing weed basically saying "who needs u all i need is weed"
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    personally i think marijuana is a schedule 1 drug because u can grow it yourself while cocaine is schedule 2 because u have to get it from someone who is probaly a snitch/rat/informer. e pluribus unum and novus ordo seclorum
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    Assuming that you smoke your weed, which you probably do, smoking weed is bad. Smoking is more harmful than any other method of consumption. In my un-professional opinion, smoking cannabis for treating illness would be like fucking for virginity, any benefit of THC/CBD is outweighed by inhaling smoke/tar.
    I personally do not see how any doctor worth a year past a bachelors degree could recommend smoking marijuana for any ailment. However, since the cannabis plant is so versatile and can be consumed in so many ways, it is possibly a wonderful medicine for so many different ailments. Cannabis can be vaporized, eaten, used topically, and probably in other methods aswell, all of which are exponentially healthier than smoking.
    Now what is not known at all is the effect of psychoactive THC on a young persons developing mind. THC is a very strong psychoactive, and a mother knowing this fact, I can easily see why she would not want her child to use the drug.
    So in my opinion, your mom is justified to say that weed is bad, simply because she most likely does not know how effective and versatile the cannabis plant is. All your mom sees is smoke, tar, carcinogens, and an under-researched psychoactive substance entering her child's body. How could any parent view that as acceptable.
  13. Obama said things would get better also...
    His words don't hold much credibility....imho
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    It is not on par with XXXXX. The schedule one status is so they can keep it illegal. If they put it on any other schedule they'll be admitting it has medicinal value and that would put it on the track to legalization.
    Agencies like the DEA and the FBI want to keep it illegal so they'll keep their funding. I dont know why your parents would trust something just because the news media or government says it.
    Your parents needs to do real unbiased research and listen to testimonials of others who smoke and benefit from cannabis. 
  15. Show them the "weed" documentary by sanjay Gupta, way unbiased as it points out how its not good for the younger generation but also mentions a lot of its benefits.
  16. William Randolph Hearst
  17. If you're not in high school, WTF are you doing living at home and letting your parents search your stuff (since she took your pipe)?  Assuming you're out of high school... don't expect to be treated like an adult until you begin living like an adult. Get a job, get your own place, and you're parents won't care so much about your pot smoking and may actually listen to what you have to say about it. Until then, you're some guy that won't grow up, mooching off them while you sit around and get high. And no, I'm not actually accusing you of that or anything else, that's just how you look to them while you're still living at home.
  18. CAUSE IT MAKES US THINK..............................and the government doesn't want that 
  19. Do all parents think like this? Because I'm asian and I think my parents don't want me to move out.....
    If you're an adult, who cares what your parents think? You need to go live your own life, for yourself, in your own place and in your own way.

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