How2 limit flowering stretch help ! With quantum boards

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Looking for some help on how to limit flowering stretch with quantum boards. Using (4) QB132v2 3500kspectrum in a 2.5ft by2.5 ft tent that’s is just a tad over 5ft in height. I have done a lot of LST from the beginning bending and tieing down branches to get an open canopy with select number of main colas and the stretch that happen is incredible! I also began lollipoping just before switching to flower And the first 4-5 days of flower had some amazing growth !,very neat to see but frustrating due to the vigorous training I attempted during veg stage. So again I’m wondering if any quantum board users have any suggestions on how to limit the stretch that occurs.. I will also add that tempatures are not the issue they are no higher than 80 Fdegrees and no lower than 68 Fdegrees

    Thank you for your time I really appreciate it !!!
  2. Lower your lights is all you can do and bend over the real tall ones.
    Right now, I'm running about 12 inches from the canopy.
  3. I concur...
  4. I settled on mainlined autos as best solution for me to contain height. Also, I stick to known genetics that have had some of the outdoors bred out of them. 5 ft is extremely low for me though. One gallon bags help on the bottom, and you can always place the driver outside on top and raise the light all the way, don't forget the fan. The best most extreme solution would be a scrog screen at proper height. Excessive Phosphorous contained in many flower formulas can cause colas to stretch since that is what some growers like to see.
  5. As above, ive been in a position where ive had to supercrop in stretch, far from ideal and i was worried things were going to hermie.
    They didnt.

    Last resort though, i was at max height with the lamps and tops where burning badly. That was using hps lamps tho.
  6. me too, supercrop is very good if you planned on it. IMO supercrop requires horizontal planning. Not ideal as a mistake fixer. The absolute worst idea I ever tried was harvesting high altittude high light buds and leaving the rest. Those low light low buds are not prepared for high light.
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