How Your Brain Processes Music

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    How your brain listens to music:
    Interesting shit that I just wanted to share with you all, since music is a universal language. Now some may say people process music differently from their auditory cortex, there hasn't be much scientific study on the MBTI (study of different personality types) so scientists have yet discover these "differences" people perceive.
    \nI do have a theory but I'll save when I have learned about the different cognitive functions. Hope you guys enjoy. 
    \nHere's my source:

  2. Nice post, i love reading a about brain processes. This reminds me to start using my Zite magazine app thingy again.
  3. Interesting, the human brain is such a complex organ and there's still so much we don't know about it.

    Good find.

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  4. I posted a thread here quite a while ago to share a video that creatively demonstrates this concept:

  5. Informative :)
  6. yeah, I believe there are alot of experiences in life and changes in culture that can alter what you hear, like when I'm sober music registers in my hearing as "old", "boring", or when I listen to rock my mind keeps telling me this is for white people and I actually imagine people that look like ozzy osbourne playing it and so much information registers so that I cant hear it in a way that I want to, but when I'm high I can relate to the music so well probably just me, but good find OP.
  7. interesting to know
    hmm when i try to play that youtube video the sound doesnt work... flash player/java/something personal issue with firefox or is anyone else having the same problem?

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