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How young is too young to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankyDan, May 6, 2011.

  1. My little brother is 13 and hangs out with a bunch of dudes that have either smoked or really want to smoke. At his school a month or two ago some kids he knows got busted selling weed in the bathroom and I'd much rather he didn't get in any trouble just to try it out. He knows I smoke alot and asked me if I'd smoke out him and his friend this weekend. I want to be the cool brother and help him avoid the shadier parts of smoking, but am I just going to end up hurting him more than anything?

    He's also been on meds for depression since he was like 11 so that makes me want to tell him to not bother with it until hes older. Chances of him listening are slim, so I keep coming back to it just being safer for me to assist him >_>
  2. i hear a rumble in the City........

    Imho, when they are reasonably mature. Although some never get to that point regardless of age.
  3. Its a trick situation cause on one hand you'd be providing a safer environment for him, but on the other its kinda young. i mean thats when i first smoked, but not everyones the same.
  4. If you're still in the womb, smoking probably isn't for you!
  5. an 11 year old thats depressed wtf? I think you should atleast wait until hes 14 or in high school but if you do plan on doing it dont let his friend come along incase he snitches or some shit and you get in some shit for smoking out 13yr olds you wont know how these kids handle their shit
  6. 13...I don't know man. 15 or 16 would be best, but I started at 14 so I guess I can't say much. Ultimately your choice man, you know whats best for you brother.
  7. Same situation with my brother. High school is a good time for people to start or to get smoked out at. Middle school is too young.
  8. 18 or older if you ask me
  9. I don't think he was really depressed tbh. He just literally decided he wasn't going to school until they had a cop coming every morning to get his ass out of bed. He's a really good student and a fucking beast at any game you throw at him. He's pretty much exactly like me and I smoked in the 8th grade too. He literally texted me "well i can just get it from my friend anyway" so, fuck. I'm also really afraid that letting them smoke dank the first time could be scary as shit.
  10. i started at 17. which IMO was to early. over 18 should be the morally correct answer for any type of smoking. but anything under 16 is too young in general IMO
  11. My first puff was at 13, but I stopped after that until I was 19. I think after high school is a good time to start, that way you don't become the average lazy stoner. We gotta respect our parents, ya know? I respect mine, but they smoke herb too so it is easy to get along.
  12. 13 yo has no business smoking weed imo

  13. Good first post.
  14. Now is a good time.
  15. He's already started and kinda being dumb with the crowd he hangs with so it's pretty much your choice dude.

    Do I let him learn the hard way?
    Teach him the right ways?
  16. I dont think someone should be smoking until there at least in the 10th grade
  17. I started when I was twelve in the 7th grade
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    I always let 'em go at least 7 weeks of flowering, but them I haven't tried any auto strains. ;)

    On the other hand, I smote the males as soon as they show their glands.
  19. yeah I would normally say its too early...but if he's gonna be doing it anyway I think it's a much better idea if your at the helm to kinda look after him and make sure he doesn't do anything too crazy/shady.

    I agree with the other ppl saying you should be really careful about smoking up his friends though...unless you know them well enough to trust them/know how they might react to smoking.

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