How young is too young to LST

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  1. Hey there just wondering if you should wait till your plants a certain height etc. Mines maybe about a foot and like 3 weeks old soooo would that be too young? Here's the pic

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  2. I doubt that is a foot tall, but its not too early to start training them right! You may want to make sure its in the Pot its going to be in for its duration, cause transplanting might be a bit tricky.
  3. Ya it's definatly close to a foot haha but not quite, I just don't wanna damage my girl, I think I'm
    Gunna leave it in that pot cause of my limited space, it was just transplanted to that about 4-5 days ago so it should just be recovering fully, I'm hoping she will grow another 1.5-2 feet before It gets root bound. I mean its indoor she will do what I say haha. Since I'm lst the plant will still shoot up a foot or more in flower correct?
  4. I'm using paperclips to. Unbent of course except a hook in each end one for the pot one for the pot plant, is this a smart method? Or are strings best?
  5. I used some flexible wire from Home Depot. Cut them and bend the top but not like a candy cane.. Only bend the top at a 90 degree angle, cause the branch will get thicker but your bend wont, and you dont want the stem or branch to grow into the wire, so just bend the end of the wire so that its like an upside down L . The string is fine too, I just found it easier to use the wire (although its tough to keep it lodged in the soil some times)
  6. Okay sounds good. And obviously a little piece of metal can't harm my baby
  7. It's fine to make loops with metal, just make the loops big enough so that there is no chance that the stem will grow bigger than the loop size and you will be fine.
  8. K sweet. I wanna have her harvested by December. The flowering is 60 days. How much bigger do you think she'll get with another 60 days veg?
  9. What kind of medium is that? If it's soil you better mix some shit in there with it(perilite). I can see nute burn or over-watering dmg on that plant already. You're gonna make it go herm. I LST pretty damn quick (3rd set of leaves) because it's easier to bend it and thereby less stress on the plant.
  10. I already see the pistils hahah but I think it's gunna be fine I'm not given it any more nutes And I'm watering every 3/4 days
  11. you should start when your plants coming up on its third or fourth leaf set

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