How you spending your weekend?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iversable, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. So i was wondering what everyone else is doing this fine day:D

    I just got off work and made plans to go to universal with a friend tomorrow.has for today though i'm about to blaze on the sweet herb and head down to a barbeque with a few familly members and some friends:smoke: .
  2. and a friend are headin out to a school dance tonight..some black and white theme with casino and shit... gonna jus chill and play mad amounts of poker the whole time, fuck the dancing part... yah we were gonna blaze but it all of sudden got wicked shitty here and is like raining afterward we're gonna blaze and hopefully chill at his place and watch some tv and eat
  3. Watching the FINAL FOUR GAME- Mason v. Florida.

    Go mason!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

    Its a beautiful day here today.. hope everyone else is enjoying beautiful spring weather!!
  4. I'm grounded, but I'm going out with friends tomorrow in the woods. We have a biological scavenger hunt thing (find like different leaves and plants and bring 'em in to school). We're gonna get baked and go on a nature walk! How cool is that?
  5. After sleeping on my friends car last night (we got locked out at 230 AM)
    I hope i have another fucked up night :)
  6. well i got the news my prom date cant go, and she blew me off on a date tonight, and so did my friend. so im home, pissed, and alone
  7. grounded? are you kidding me? i don't know anyone who's 18 and still gets grounded...
  8. im 18 and still get grounded. parents house, parents rules.

    well not really grounded but like nvm i wouldnt call it getting grounded
  9. weird. i moved out a week before i turned 18. never had to deal with shit like that. last year i moved back in for a few months until my trial was over (long story) and they still never tried to pull that shit with me, they know better hahaha.
  10. Hoping i can stay here tonight. If so ill be gettin sloshed and scraping resin trying to get high.

    If not ill be sleepin in the park and drinking and scraping resin trying to get high.
  11. My parent's house, my parent's rules. I just say 'Fuck you' and leave anyway half the time...

    I'm still in high school.
  12. Spending it in the salt mines.
  13. fuck yeah man. getting sloshed and resin scraping is awsome trying to get high... good luck! tell them bitches to fuck off ur staying home
  14. Yeah, Im staying here for the night as far as i know.

    Depends on if he gets drunk as he was and starts shit again, If so im outta here. Ill go sleep in the park or on the street or something, No biggie.

    But for now, Im chilling here drinking pepsi lime mixed with bacardi limon. 3 shots of each.
  15. sweet i just blazed a bowl and popped a couple downers and feelin good :smoke:

  16. Sounds good homie. Wish i had some pills or even jus some green.

    Now im feeling pretty damn good.

    Drank another 3 shot bacardi limon 3 shot pop mixture. Drank 5-6 beers before hand throughout the day. And now got a little less then a pint of R & R whiskey left. Which ill prolly finish and end up way to fucking drunk and feeling sorry about it.

    But ohwell, Im smoking resin ball #1 and later will smoke #2. #1's smaller then #2.:smoke:
  17. sleeping in, i only slept 4 hours each day for the last week
  18. thats how I do it, save the more for last:smoke:
  19. working :(

    i have to get this 3d animation done for a client by Monday night and our server has been going down intermittently. Its making the progress quite slow and i don't know if i'll be able to get it out on time.

    at least i can smoke all i want at work. probably get drunk in a bit and pass out at my desk.

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