How You Roll A Mini Tulip

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  1. Hellz ya you gotta smoke it all. At least the bulb part is mandatory that you smoke all of it because it will go stale very fast if left to sit.
    I just rolled up and blazed another tulip.
  2. -rep on deez nuts. The Author is unknown
  3. Good At Rolling Joints?
    Try rolling one of these. You can follow the directions and make it a mini tulip.
    Or, replace the crutch in the stem with a joint to make it a tulip. These things burn great. They won't run at all if you break up your herb good.
    Great for special occasions. I roll seven before going to any concert. ;)
  4. best guide ive seen so far..
  5. Yeah just use the gumming papers. That's what I do.
  6. always wondered how these were rolled. we need a tulip picture thread, these things look sweet.

    and you really should have mentioned that it wasnt your guide. but i'm glad you posted it.
  7. their point is that you still should have cited the original work whether you knew who the author was or not.

    but enough of that

    I may just try this one out once or twice after my harvest comes. i've wondered about those before, never tried
  8. like it says at the bottom of my OP. originally found on google. Author unknown

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