How You Roll A Mini Tulip

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    How To Roll A Mini-Tulip


    The mini-tulip truly is a show stopper, and is guaranteed to draw attention. Its fairly tricky to do and takes a little time, however its a very unique smoke. This is the little brother of the tulip

    Step 1
    Take two king size papers and stick them together longways. The blue line shows where the gum is, and the red line is where the two rizla are stuck together.


    Step 2
    Now fold the top right corner over to form a triangle type shape.

    Step 3
    Now lick the gum and seal the joint, forming the triangle shape you made in the previous step. You should now have a little pocket, open it up with your fingers, a pencil or pen is also handy at this point to get into the corner.

    Step 4
    Put your papers to one side, and get a long and wide piece of card. I have used the flap from a king size rolling paper packet. Roll this into a crutch, think of it as a roach on steroids.

    Step 5
    Now get your king size paper and wrap this around the oversized crutch and seal it.

    Step 6
    Now take your grinded bud and pack it into the pocket. Poke it down every now and then with the end of your crutch as you fill it to help compress the dank slightly and also to fill up the very tip of the tulip. ;)

    Step 7
    Take your roach and push it into the centre of the tulip, then pinch the papers around the roach with your fingers.

    Step 8
    Now take some cotton and wrap it around the tulip and roach. This needs to be done tightly and wrapped thouroughlly to create an air tight seal. You could also do this with a small elastic band.

    Step 9
    Thats it we are nearly done, now simply turn up your leaf and its complete!

    Try this out ladies and gentlemen, Its one of my favorites. :D

    Originally found on google. Author unknown
  2. hey dude, cheers for that tutorial I'm definitely going to try it. how much weed do you need to put in the tulip realistically?
  3. Simple clean tut. Thanks for that! Never find myself smoking with papers but this is something good to know nonetheless.
  4. You can use a gram to gram and a half. It is also possible to roll this with .3
    If you want to roll a smaller one just cut your triangle smaller after you fold and lick it. before you fill it.
    It you want to roll a Tulip (not a mini tulip) You replace the crutch with a Joint.
    I just smoked one before I posted this. It was only .5
  5. how fast does it burn?

  6. awesome, im gonna get on that :smoking:
  7. I've seen these rolled a ton in videos and stuff but I'm curious how it burns, especially at the bottom where it gets wide? It just stays together and burns evenly? :confused: Thanks!
  8. I'm about to try it, but is there also any way to avoid using cotton or something similar ie do it with papers? I've just got none of that stuff with me
  9. Nice tut. I always thought that the tulip was attached to a joint.
  10. It burns evenly all the way to the end if you pack the bud in to the tip.
    If you have no cotton you can roll a half piece of rolling paper up like a rope and tie it.
    If I just posted the link noone would take the time to click on it. ;)

  11. your gonna have to try it to be the judge of that.
  12. I just tried it for my first time. Easy guide. I decided to use an actual joint instead of a crutch though. Also, instead of string I used a couple strips of gum from some other zags.

    Keep in my this was my first attempt :p .. I'll smoke it in a little while and let ya'll know how it smoked.

    The second pic is just the bud that I used in it.. pretty decent dank. I was surprised how much the tulip end actually holds. I put like a gram and a half of ground dank in it. :smoking:

    +rep for the guide.

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  13. sick dude
    glad I could inspire you to roll a tulip
    and damn thats a fatty boy!
  14. good guide.
  15. i like this ive always been interested in those. but is it possible to have a actual joint leading to the tulip instead of the super roach? if the whole thing waz ganja it would probly make you pass out:smoking:

  16. I just did it with mine. Mine was a joint going into the tulip.. I smoked it down to the roach. It ran a little bit, but not too bad.. Smoked pretty good. Umm...
    Imageshack - 84537331.jpg

    burned for a good while, prolly could go a little smaller on the tulip part though. 1g in the tulip to .5g J would be pretty good i'm guessing.
  17. Thanks for followin up with this. Nice pic.
    Kind of reminds me of smokin a bowl on a stick. huh
  18. Can you really smoke that? Man I would probably get halfway and pass out from the bulb part damn!?

  19. Yeah, i just posted a pic of mine. I smoked it up, took the pic half way. didnt figure a roach was a "cool" pic haha

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