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How YOU hide your high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Secretkush, May 15, 2011.

  1. I want to hear all the ways/tips you have that you've hidden your high to avoid getting in trouble/caught.

    When I lived with my parents and they came home early and I was baked I would just go in my room and chill but sometimes I have to be around them and not fuck up.
  2. lol i live with my mom and i come home baked everyday i just put in eye drops and just act "normal" lol
  3. Basically....eyedrops/ mouthwash...
    and maybe build a tolerance?

    i would smoke 2 grams of dank by myself and after 45 minutes my high would be over.
  4. It seems that I focus way too much on being alert and "normal," so to speak. I've started to run out of give-a-fuck though...

  5. you tolerance suck or you need some better weed lol

    to hide your high just relax and eyedrops may help
  6. just don't act suspicious.
  7. Wizzard : ik man me too. i dnt really try to act "normal" anymorr tho cuz i think my mom doesnt give a fuck or she just ignores it
  8. Open your eyes, put eye drops in and just act normal. Weed doesn't make me trip out, I just feel really good so its not like I have to hide anything...
  9. Eyedrops that's it at my job if they knew I was high all the time I'd be fired but they don't so I won't
  10. Well, I don't live with my parents, so I generally don't really need to prevent anyone from knowing I'm on cannabis unless I'm going out into the general public and don't want to attract attention.

    I tend to prefer not to be out and about while high, but if I do end up needing to, I make sure not to smoke, as the smell sticks to my clothes and hair, and vape instead. As for behaviour, I made sure to get used to the effects of cannabis alone so I wouldn't be acting oddly.

    Still, I think it is ultimately better to avoid being around people who will disapprove or ruin your high if you can avoid it. Cannabis time is special, and should either be enjoyed alone, or shared with people you know you can be yourself with.

    If much of your high moments are being spent pretending not to be, then I personally would say you probably aren't getting your money's worth from the experience, and maybe you should take a break until you can really relax and savour it. But if hiding your high doesn't really bother you much, then, do whatever you think.
  11. I hide. That's how I hide my high.
  12. The herb makes me more introverted unless I'm at a party or something, but I say just be involved in conversation and smile and be attentive to people. If you're too high to handle social interaction, though, I'd say just walk away from the situation and sulk and make up some bullshit excuse about being upset about a girl/school/work/life/money/japan/haiti/poverty, etc. The fake bad mood always works for me, and it legitimizes my lonesome demeanor when I'm high in an uncomfortable place. Just my thoughts.

    Honestly, though, I go out of my way to avoid circumstances such as these. They're wastes of weed, man!
  13. whenever i have to "be sober" i just smoke a cig to cover the smell and call it good enough. i can be stoned as fuck and still play it cool enough to get by in pretty much any situation.
  14. I go around telling people that I'm high.
  15. #15 fucking baked, May 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2011
    am i the only one who doesnt do shit? being high isnt that different from being sober. well i mean i guess that trait comes along with how much/long youve been smoking though cause i would get more paranoid then any of yall when i first started lol.
  16. Yup. I don't bother with eye drops either. My mom only noticed my eyes and used to ask if I was getting enough sleep/feeling well until I told her I smoked. Now my mom comes around saying "You seem really calm", "Your eyes look funny", "Smells kinda funny down here", and my favorite, "WHERE ARE ALL MY STRAWBERRIES, ARE YOU HIGH AGAIN?!"
  17. i use to be hella paranoid bout it until i realized that really no one will kno so just be cool. and if anyon e says somethin just say ur tired
  18. do you really act that different blazed as fuck? unless you make retarded decisions while your high. i mean your the only one that can feel it, it's in YOUR HEAD. does anyone know to what extent it really effects your behaviour?

  19. For me, it slows down my speech sometimes, which is needed lol. I can easily trip myself up when I talk because I talk pretty fast and my thoughts are always a mess, leading to a clusterfuck of topics, incomplete sentences, and mumbling ramblings. When I'm high I tend to listen a lot more, simply because I'm not talking as much, and sometimes people notice that change lol. But I've been working to close that gap in behavior anyways. The real give away is my eyes though, not my behavior. I don't like putting things in my eye even if it's harmless, and that feeling only increases when I'm high, I don't think I'll ever be one for eye drops. Oh well, I'll just have to keep people guessing then.
  20. eye drops are the shitt! XD

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