How you guys doin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Elliot Plur, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Just sat down to smoke a bowl. Just lookin to see how everybody's doin
  2. To be completely honest, I've seen better days Elliot.
  3. You feelin aight Boss?
  4. ..meh grabbing my balls while the rug rats movie plays on Netflix .

    So yeah, chilling. :bongin:
  5. Rollin' around the sky in my cloud.
    Shit be straight. :cool:
    Dude...that's creepy...looks like he's in the middle of something other than being stoned or drunk...:bolt:
  7. I like turtles!
    He's passing a kidney stone
  9. I'm.. Going to bed lol

    Stoned and ready to conquer tomorrow

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    Maybe im too high but i read this in joe pesci's voice.
  11. I'd say excited because I've been waiting for this month for awhile, going to the bars for my 23rd bday Saturday night. And moving to Georgia on the 28th.
  12. Bored and exhausted. Low on the green at the moment but hopefully I can talk a friend of mine into either paying me owed money back or using said money for a bud buy. Currently in one of my elementary education classes :p
  13. Your signature picture has been the background on my phone for like, a month
  14. Pretty content. I've got a belly full of macaroni and cheese, and a giant glass of purple flavor. Life is good today.
  15. I'm tired ,my neck jaw and head hurts ,I'm hoping this beer takes away the pain.
  16. depressed, girl problems. hopefully it's nothing that some hash won't solve;p
  17. I am great. I took a test earlier today that I think I did pretty good on, just have one more test next monday. Then next thursday, instead of class we get to go volunteer handing out food for 3 hours and get extra credit for it. And my parents are leaving that same day for 4 days.
    Coincidentally, I just quit my job too, so I have absolutely nothing to do that weekend. I have only smoked a couple of times in the last year and a half, but I am going to get an eighth for that weekend. Can't wait.

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