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  1. Tell the story about how you came to get your first personal smoking device.

    Mine was a small metal bowl I found in the woods one day when me and my drummer were smoking a black in the local park. I picked up the disgusting piece of metal and took it home. After cleaning it for about two hours, it looked beatiful. Hit it up with my band the next night and we were stoned as hell. My guitarist took a hit too long and got burnt and yelled "You lil motha ****a!" And since then we've called it Lil MoFo. Lame as hell, but we were high when we decided to name it. Oh well. Anyway, go on with your personal stories.
  2. Went up to the counter, scouted some prospects out and said, "I'll take that one"
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    (Similar to yours)

    So one day i was mowing the lawn. My yard is just basically a hill with the main street at the top. I was mowing up at the top, right along the street (which is elevated about 4 feet above the road) and see a shiny purple thing right in front of the mower. Seeing as how I was about to run it over I stopped the mower and went to throw it out of the way. When I looked to see what it was, I realized what it was and just about jumped 5 feet high I was so ecstatic (this was right around when I was just getting into regular usage and still smoking out of apples and cans). It was a tiny, tiny, purple bowl which turned out to be one of those mushroom ones you can hang on a necklace. I figured it got thown out a passing car that was getting chased by the cops or some shit, who knows.

    Needless to say it has been through very many high times with me. It has long since been replaced though, with a zippo stealth bowl, but I still have it.
  4. That's a crazy ass story.
  5. I was about 15 and a half or 16 and walked into the flea market, their was a shop for 18+

    I went in there with my mom and i bought a bowl, it lasted a while till it broke. Good little bowl, and I remember just picking it quickly, was thinking any sec Im getting kicked out ha.
  6. I was on a school trip (haha) to friends and I went Kensington Market to shop and stop by the Hot Box Cafe. I swear to you, the pipe I eventually chose was the first thing I laid my eyes on when we first walked in. The way the red and orange (my favourite colours!) swirled together was I bought it and we broke it in not 5 minutes after. His name is Raleigh, and he's still kickin'!
  7. I got twilight for Christmas last year from my boyfriends mom.
    He knew my tastes, her boyfriend paid for it.
    They left the tag on too on acident... they paid like 120 bucks for it!
    Has fallen twice and not a chip.
  8. my (now ex) girlfriend bought me a beautiful steamroller. it has a bowl in the exact center and two identical mouthpeices / carbs, her idea was that we could both take a hit at once. this plan worked pretty well.

    i still have it, and many others, but now whenever i smoke with her (were still good friends) we use the steamroller.
  9. Damn dude, i got the exact same story!!! i also got mine at a school trip at toronto. i actually got a grinder at the same trip. at that point i was always using friends pieces and it was just time for me to get my own.
  10. Was sick of disposables, so I went to the mall and threw down $20 for a decent glass piece
  11. I was up in a town where my friend lives and he knew a girl with a pipe so he bought for me 10 bucks for a pipe (metal), hemos, a scale so i payed back the next day and i had my own piece his name is Pedro the "Peace" Pipe.
  12. My good friend got me into smoking and after a while of smoking with him he asked me if I ever wanted to get high by myself. Not knowing how to roll joints then, he gave me a metal pipe. It has a huge bowl on it and the handle is purple leopard print. Even though I now have a good assortment of pieces and rolling skills smoking outa that pipe always gets me ripped.
  13. It was intense
  14. I was 16 . gave my older friend the money . we both went in , looked at the bowls n shit and talked about witch one "he" should buy :D
  15. i was 17, went into the headshop with a wad of cash, asked to go in the back, he said your 18 right? i said no im 19 he let me eyes wondered at all the glory and there i saw it the soon to be purple dinosaur, the sickest purple graffix my eyes have seen, so for 120 i got it and blazed. sorry for the choppyness of the story im at work but i will come back and edit to make it longer.
  16. I got my first peiece at a music festaval I went too when I was younger. I got another peice at the same festival a few years later to replace the old one that I gave to a friend.

    It was a pretty sweet little spoon.
  17. Shops around here didn't seem to care about age.
    I bought my first pipe when I was 14 and first bong when I was 15.
    Back then I looked a lot younger than my age too, and I was short.
    Guess the guy was just cool:hello:
  18. My friend was gonna sell it to me for $20, but he was under 18 and needed cigs, and I was 18 so I usually picked up cigs for him. He instead said that if I bought him 2 packs of cigs (worth $11 at the time) we'd call it even, and I've had it ever since.

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