How you broke your first peice

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  1. Everyone has thier first peice and they almost always break it or shatter it some how. So lets hear some of the stories everyone has.

    I rember my first peice, it was a wonderful little 12$ peice from BP gas station. Unfortanly i was on my freinds boat hitting a few bowls and i let my freind load the next bowl. He then tried to ghost hit it and just inhaled all the ashes resulting in him dropping my peice in the lake. Probably the saddest moment in my highschool life.
  2. i had this 45$ bowl, i was scraping the res one day, and the bowl part chipped, it still worked, but hell, everyone said that it ripped like a champ, and nobody knew about the chip in the bowl, it wasnt a small circular hole it was like a wieird piece missing,

    well one day, my old dealer got busted, it was about a year later..

    my and my good friend got a bottle of jack and were getting DRUNKK, and we went over to my old dealers house that was in jail for like a year, we were toking ect, i was pretty messed up, but as far as i remember is that i went in my pocked, bought the pipe up, and thought it fell down into the pocket again, but really just shattered on the ground, i was kind of devistated, but there was a bowl size ball of res on the side of it
  3. I didn't break my first piece. My friend dropped it out of my car at a gas station. The piece I did break though I apparently threw at a tree while drunk. I miss that sherlock.
  4. Was locked in the police department and to escape I pretended to faint and when the officer came to check on me I smashed my bong over his head and ran to sweet sweet victory !!
  5. I broke my piece today actually
    Was smoking resin, left it on my lap with my lighter, forgot about it, got up, hit the tile floor, broke into 4 pieces. 2 main, and 2 little.
    Fuckin' sucks.

  6. happened to my sherlock, thought i put it beside me, but stood up and there went about 50$.
  7. my first own bowl i purchased i lost to my dad 6 months after i bought it :c i was so dissapointed it was a no carb, ambered the whole bowl, and was a hard hitter. i still miss it.(25$)
  8. I've broken many pieces...

    At a drive in, leave pipe under car, leave movies, smash.

    Camping, passing bong around fire, catch water chamber on firepit rock, smash and splash.

    I had a pipe break, wrapped in a soft case, inside a glass container. The fucking container survived but the pipe was broken clean in half.

    And probably half dozen more small glass spoons and shitty ceramic relics.
  9. My first piece was a glass bowl, light blue swirled into white. I bought it from a local shop. I was on my way to a friends to celebrate new years, and dropped the bag that had the glass bowl in it.
  10. My first piece didn't get broken, my dad found it and took it from me. He still uses it to this day.
  11. Dropped it on the floor
  12. My mom found it. And she made ME break it right in front of her.
  13. 2 days ago, only had the bong for a couple of months, and then my dog got off his leash as i was about to pull my cone, and he comes bolting straight at me, i intially picked up both containers open with weed on them, and i couldnt block him and he knocked my bong over and it smashed
    i got a trusty water bottle now using the stem from my bong ahha
  14. My first pipe i broke, i got up and it was on my lap and it smashed on the floor.

    My first bong i broke was named flubber, and it got knocked over and broke at the spot where the downstem goes in. Tried to fix it, but couldnt so i smashed it
  15. got mugged when i was 16 with my friend by 5 dudes. shit was lame :rolleyes:

  16. I suppose that's just another one of moms approach to improving our young work ethics?
    What are they thinking??

    "You're going to need to WORK for the money to afford a "BETTER" one of them there glass thingy's,young fella.........Now Go ahead...break it!""


    moms always said............."Never be a quitter":p

    Fuckin Gravity will get you every time:smoke:
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    Haha that's cruel and unusual punishment

    I was smoking with my girlfriend and friend and I'm walking her to her car when she's leaving and I hear an "aweeee fuck!!, and I turn to see my friend fumbling with the piece and keep hitting it up in the air trying to save it hits the ground and shatters
  18. My first one got stolen at a party:(

    My second one fell out of my shoe (I don't even know why it was in there) when I was walking to my buddy's car, didn't even realize it til it was too late.

    My third was a shitty metal pipe that I let my friends douchebag boyfriend use, they broke up and he stopped talking to our group and I never got it back.

    I've had my 4th bowl for awhile now and I love her :')
  19. Had my blue chillum named Evelyn. I had it in my backpack in one of the pockets and I also had a hammer and a glass sobe bottle because I was gonna make it to a grav bong and I threw my backpack like an idiot and it broke.. Sad sad day. Haha

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