How would you want to be executed?

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  1. I would wanna be shot out of a catapult
  2. I don't want to be executed.
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    Of course you dont, who does?

    Its a hypothetical question

  4. :)

    Shot into space! With a spacesuit that last's 3 hours. After 3 hours, the suit open's up and well...
  5. Death by having sex with beautiful women while smoking weed and playing video games. That's how I imagine my death!
  6. If it had to be done... I would want my hands to be super glued to my head and then hanged with barbed wire so I would the be decapitated. Then when someone saw my body they would think I pulled my own head off.

  7. Probably a warriors death by sword.
  8. Gunshot to the dome, short and simple
  9. Taking benzo/opiod combo

  10. hell yes! i would tell whoever was executing me to fight me to the death, or even a duel with a sword or a mace or something. And if they killed me, then so it goes. But if they cant kill me with my hands untied, then they should plan on getting a bigger executioner.

    ....but. if i didnt even get to defend myself, then i would ask for a hat with impact-sensitive explosives, then do 35 backflips out of a plane at 12,ooo feet and land right on my head.:hello:

  11. TWO guns to the dome!! one .500 desert eagle, with 'blast 'em chewy!' etched in the barrel, in EACH eyesocket.
  12. I would like to be strapped to an atomic bomb and dropped out of a plane with some clic-clacs and a Bout it, Bout it bumper sticker on my ass.
  13. way more badass, yea I'll take this instead:D
  14. Electric Chair.

  15. Lmfaoooo
  16. Told that im going skydiving and then given a parachute that doesn't work.
  17. injected with a speedball
  18. Death by snoo snoo!
  19. Damn.

    Just cut off my head

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