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How would you view this?

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, May 28, 2009.

  1. So im 18 and a half, and this other girl is barely 25, And we both really really like eachother...But the age difference makes us weary of hooking up...

    Would do you guys think about it? should we go for it and let people think what they want, Or let it go....:(
  2. I would go for it.
  3. Thanks man, She means alot to me. And we both can feel it between us...I think it is something Special :)
  4. My wife of 15 years is 9 years older than me
  5. age is just a number, fucking go for it :) :smoking:
  6. Thanks everyone! well i went for it, And it was...AMAZING! i love this girl, We put the seats down in my Land Rover and i have my subs and speakers back there. So we got layed down and i had my ipod hooked up back there to the head unit and we played music and fooled around for a good 3 hours, She means so much to me, Im in love with her :) had the moonroofs open and the music a flowin' All the lights were off and it was just amazing.
    Although some lights would have been amazing.
  7. wow lol thats awesome
  8. Did you diddle her hoo-ha with your tinkleytips?
  9. Did some of everything :) she pressed her tits against my fogged up back window :) now theres a pair of pierced titties on my back windshield.
  10. You should give those back to her sometime, she might look weird walkin around with no titties.
  11. did you sine your pitty on da runny kine?
  12. I'm sitting here lmao at the others. :laughing:

    Seriously though, she is older and will dump you one day. Probably soon. Cheer up the world is full of women.

    The experience is worth it.
  13. I'm only telling you this because you said you love her, if she is good looking and you are asking GC what to do with her, she is obviously only into you because of the Rover.
  14. Damn that is some harsh advice haha. Oh and to the poster before me LOL!
  15. reach out and touch someone
  16. Im not worried about the break up, Right now im worried about how im going to keep this under wraps at work, Her sister works there, So anything that is said gets right to her. I work 10Ft away from my girl, So i have to find that fineline between Cute couple and, Obsessed.
  17. I fucked a 27 year old when I was 20. but she was dumb,......and fat..and .....nevermiind. I'm joking. ya. joking. Nothing happened.
  18. This thread has become useless in the absence of pictures!!!!!!

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