How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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  1. Let's say the zombie apocalypse just broke out in a main city close to yours, you have one week to get ready. How do you prepare? To make things even more fucking crazy, there's been a crazy radiation spill, and you have one super human power. What would you do to you survive?! GO!
  2. Super power: time control
    stop time and chill for a year or so, fuck around with frozen zombies, smoke a shit ton of weed, save people, take shit, and just fast forward through it when i'm ready.
  3. Super Power: Super intelligence

    I would get bitten by a zombie by choice, be a super smart zombie, create a medicine that enhances all my fellow zombies' intelligence, and we will bite everyone thus taking over the city and rename it Zombabwe.
  4. Immunity too the infection. Save the world one joint at a time.
  5. I'd fly to brazil and live in the rainforest

  6. pretty much ^ That or the ability to fly.
  7. You may be immune to the virus. But not immune to zombies eating your entire body.

    My power would be that my flesh was unable to be penetrated by anything. I could just walk around the city not giving a fuck. Laughing at the zombies trying to get a nibble.
  8. This might be expensive: But it's affective.
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    Glock 18 with an extended clip, cause I'm a REAL NIKKUH!
  10. I would probably have the power to make shit. For example, I would make a bong and a bunch of weed out of nowhere. And of course a bunch of guns. After I had all that, I would make a jet pack and go around shooting zombies and blazin it up in the sky. Oh and of course I would be bumpin some wicked dub step or some drum and bass.:smoke:
  11. the ability to shoot zombie killing lazers out my finger tips!!

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