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How would you spend this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuFyy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Get off probo in 19 days, plan to go on a little weed spending spree

    All I have right now is: a bowl, 4 lighters, 1 pack of two blunt wraps, 3 ill bottles for storage

    Have 175 dollars
  2. Buy 170$ in weed and a 2L pepsi heh
  3. Half Oz and food
  4. Buy a qtr of some dankles.
    Use the rest for spending once you're baked.

    Maybe a trip to Waffle House(Or ihop if you're feeling rich)
  5. I'd buy a quarter and a nice pipe or bubbler, then save the rest for munchies or maybe start saving up for a bong
  6. Dont need food, already got that down
  7. 1/8 and some steak mushrooms and some veggies.
  8. if you already have a bowl just get weed and play video games : )
  9. Gotta now where u live currency is differnt all around America. Price wise.
  10. Maryland manee
  11. A Quality vaporizer.
    Get Quality cannabis on your next paycheck
  12. A bowl and some weed
  13. That is not enough for a nice dinner and drinks for two...
  14. Straight Weed ! Water Will Suffice An Any Food Will Taste Good When Your Curred ! Enjoy Your Toking ! #SmokinHawaiianKush

  15. lol #TwitterStatus
  16. facepalm
    This is not twitter!
  17. Buy a nice bong, or blow it all on weed in one lump (don't get caught) with 15 bucks for food and expenses (who knows, maybe you THOUGHT buying a midget porn subscription was a good idea). Not such a good idea when you come down!
  18. With 175 you could probably get an Oz - 1 1/2 oz's of schwagg or some mids. Make hash.
  19. purchase 175$ worth of dank in ur area
  20. spend 30 on a mini bong, 100 on bud and 30 on food ( my suggestion was to visit up a local taco bell or W/e and spend all 30 on food)

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