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  1. This is purely hypothetical, seeing as I have no love/sex life, but I wanted the opinion of the City's citizens on the following matter: Ur on a date with a girl. Somewhere down the line of the dinner/whatever she tells u that she doesn't like animals. What then? I mean obviously u could still bone her, but assume that this is like long-term relationship shit....would u go through with it, would u know that the relationship would be doomed to failure? Personally, I think that not liking animals says something about an individuals character/personality. I can understand the argument of cleanliness in the apartment/whatever...but in my mind almost all sacrifices are worth it for lupine/feline companions (among others)

    TL;DR: Piss off and go on youtube, this is a text-based forum.
  2. I would leave it hate people who don't like animals
  3. Yeah I'm of the same opinion....i think they have cold-heartedness in them. Ive noticed that most stoners like animals lol
  4. how can you not like animals...not even a little bit? i'd be kinda turned off...
  5. ive never met a girl my age who dosent like animals. its really only Asians who dont.
  6. Lol i wouldn't say Belarusian and i LOVE animals but my moms side of the family hates them. Like ill come up to dogs and shit and my grandmas looking at me like i just tried to pet the devil's cock
  7. The lack of the ability to enjoy life and fuzziness makes me want to slap them. Fuck that bitch im out
  8. Yeah I couldn't have a long term relationship with them. I don't even know why, it's like I see them in a different way after finding out they don't like animals. Pretty judgemental I guess, but I can't help it.
  9. Yeah the dislike of animals is a serious twisted-character indicator. Who the fuck doesn't like kittens?
  10. I love cats. I have a cat named raph who chills with me everyday when I get off work, just sits in the chair and kicks it. With that being said, I'd have to cut her out.
  11. You are an animal right? We all are.
  12. Some people have severe allergies or were bitten.
  13. Bang her doggy style. Only answer.
  14. Am I the only one here who wouldn't be bothered by that? Lol if she's a nice girl or whatever and everything else is good about her then who cares? It's a personal opinion.
  15. Not sure why everyone else is flipping shit, it wouldn't phase me in slightest...
  16. Personally it doesn't bother me.

    If I like her I'm not going to let her opinion that conflicts with mine ruin it. I mean if she said she doesn't like black people or something then yeah I wouldn't approve but it's not that big of a deal if she likes animals or not.

    I wouldn't have to worry about this because I most likely wouldn't be attracted to a person who doesn't like animals because c'mon...who doesn't?
  17. Well how severe is her distaste for animals? Is it just "I wouldn't own a dog", or "I will call animal control on any of these spawns of satan"
  18. It pisses me off more then words can describe when ppl abuse their animals or get one and don't take adequate care of them. I understand they cost money to go the vet but don't buy a fucking animal if you can't cover the costs of one.

  19. Bolded = True. But to give my opinion on the matter for the people who say they don't get why people are flipping out and they wouldn't be phased, I would personally be phased because I couldn't imagine my adult life without a dog. ATM I'm only 18 and ill probably have to get through college before I can take care of a german shepherd, but that is one thing I am unwaveringly decided on in my life. So, I made this thread because I was considering the possibilities of a long-term relationship with someone who doesn't like animals....impossible for me. That being said, i agree with LSD on the fact that I probably would never be attracted to an animal-hating soul anyway lol

  20. Let's make it...."I wouldn't live with an animal...ever"

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