How would you react to Casey Anthony Telling you your daughter is beautiful?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tampafromcleveland, May 7, 2016.

  1. I know I'm shocked and never going to West Palm Beach ever again!
  2. Wasn't a popular opinion during the trial and still isnt, but it's good that she wasn't convicted.

    There was not enough evidence she did it, to put her away, and our system is supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt".

    Was she a shitty human being? Most likely. But there was not enough evidence she killed her daughter to convict her.

    As to the title, well A: I probably wouldn't recognize her (she looked pretty generic from my recollection) but let's assume I did so we can get to B: I would say "um... thanks" and go on with my life.
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  3. Nice response I see your side but I just can't help the fact that she is out walking among. I ran into her yesterday and followed the case pretty closely and it's very Erie being around someone like that. I didn't even realize who she was till I got back to our hotel and was on my phone she told me about her photography business and when I looked up the company it was like hitting the lotto with all the hits on the internet about her company. Shes hot too which makes it even worse. I don't know just thought it was interesting and creepy all at the same time looking back on it.
  4. That's another thing, if she did it, why would she go about acting like a normal person when she knows everyone hates her guts and wishes she had been found guilty? Why waste your time on people who will never give you a fair shake? Unless she didn't do it, and is determined to prove despite the tragedy that happened (the evidence supports that it was most likely an accident and the family went about taking care of it in the worst way possible*) and the accusations against her (remember she is guilty in the court of public opinion, facts be damned), that she is just a regular person who had something horrible happen to her.

    *to elaborate on that, what I mean is the girl probably accidentally died (say she drowned because someone turned their back for a second), and instead of own up to it, and face charges of negligence, the family buried her, and claimed she was kidnapped. That also supports my view that Casey wasn't the best person, if she'd do all that instead of face negligence charges
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  5. I guess my whole point is if you knew it was her and she came up to you how would you react. I had no clue till looking into her company but if I did know her and she came up I don't know how I would have reacted. And just because there wasn't concrete evidence putting her away for life you can read between the lines and realize what happened. My daughter is a year older than caylee was when she was murdered or whatever so called accident happened and I'll tell you this my daughter was attacked by my dad's mastiff and to this day I still tear up thinking about it. That broad is cold.... That last part was steming off of luxs comment not to you.
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  7. Lol. Step away from the bong it's clouding your memory:hookah:
  8. I'd shoot unprotected loads in her.
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  9. She is quite sexy in person
  10. I'd bang her. She's hot and apparently not into kids.
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  11. So wrong lol
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  12. What I got from the whole thing is she was stressed and somehow her baby ate some strong anti anxiety medication and died. Whether she fed it to the baby to shut it up or to kill it or the baby got its hands on it somehow either way she hid her dead child from police and lied to them which is really suspicious. Even if it was all a big accident she shouldn't have lied to the police multiple times and even fabricated a story about the baby being kidnapped.

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  13. Hey could you elaborate on the evidence that points to it being an accident and what happened? And to answer your question Its probably the same thing that lets Zimmerman be the jackass he has been since trial and all his antics/behavior. Most of us on here smoke weed to get high but I couldn't imagine the high that comes from doing something wrong, possibly facing life ruining results and then completely get off knowing they can never be held accountable by society and I'm guessing the hate she does get probably doesn't come near spending the rest of her life in a cell and so she is willing to face those challenges with a "smile"
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  14. Damn i forgot she lived here, i dont even remember her face. Id hit her so hard she thinks her name is anthony casey.

    That bitch be guilty, and a bad person

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