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  1. I hope this conversation isn't against the rules!
    So I have this friend that recently got into smoking a lot more frequently. I had this ridiculous conversation with them and now I'm pretty sure they have a hate me. (Also, by no means am I a dealer. This friend has smoked with me a few times, and assumes that I'll sell just because I like to be friendly with my weed. They ask me to sell them stuff all the time, and every time I say no. So this is a common conversation.)
    So my question: Is this person a super selfish mooch? Or am I a greedy bastard?

    (This is a facebook message convo)

    Friend: hey yo wanna hang outside for a bit?

    Me:: Sure man
    I guess meet me outside

    Friend: ok kool
    can i ask you a favor
    stay on for a sec

    Me: Whats up?

    Friend: would you roll me one for a couple bucks?

    Me: I cannot

    Friend: aw why not?

    Me: Low supply
    Hey hang on

    Friend: ill pay its only one

    Me: brb

    Friend: k

    Me: I'm talking relationship stuff with my friend

    Friend: oh well ill pay double? just one

    Me: I'm not you're dealer
    Sorry i don't want to get in trouble

    Friend: dude your not ganna get in trouble?
    even if i did, it would just be me not you
    look im paying

    Me: I don't want people to start relying on me

    Friend: im not
    i dont rely on anyone its just that i cant get it from alex
    hes babysitting
    its a one time thing
    ill never ask again

    Me: I really don't have much. I only have enough for myself, if I wasted it on a joint, I'd have nothing left for myself.

    Friend: well dude you can go get some more because im paying for it and it doesnt have to be big

    Me: I don't know any one to buy from right now man.
    I told you once.

    Friend: you have to get it from somewhere dude

    Me: I said no, friend.

    Friend: it doesnt have to be big at all and its not like im just taking it

    Me: I made my decision.

    Friend: dude what the hell?
    i know you have more then you say
    you have enough to roll at least 4
    whatever dont talk to me

    Me: I'm dealing with relationship problems right now, I'm sorry.

    Friend: dude whatever

    Me: I don't have time to roll a joint anyway.
    You're acting really rude and selfish.

    Friend: if you have enough i can roll my own
    no im not
    im asking you and im paying too
    its not that big of a deal you where ganna take time away to go walking around anyways?

    Me: Yeah, that's before my friend started helping me with my problems.

    Friend: dude whatever
    your just making excuses

    Me: :/

    Friend: well i mean its kind of true, you said you would walk with me and then i asked nicley if you would do that and you started making like 3 different excuses all of a sudden

    Me: I could take a screen shot if you really wanted proof

    Friend: it doesnt matter that wouldnt really prove anything. and its not that big of a deal your just making it and im paying so im not being selfish

    Me: I know, and I thank you for considering enough to pay.

    Friend: dude you so do please, i beg, ill even buy you some like no joke i can get some
    but itll have to be later
    just one
    im asking nicely
    c'mooooooon :d
    c;mon man
    so your just gonna ignore my messages??? what the hell im even saying im ganna pay i know you have more than just one
    screw you
  2. Greedy bastard.

  3. I don't know, they were being pretty mean about it. They wouldn't take no for an answer. And I honestly don't know dealers (always buying from friends of friends of friends) and I also really only had about the size of my thumb amount of weed left. So if I did give it to them, I wouldn't have anymore weed for over 2 months.

    But I'm willing to see if I'm still a greedy bastard.
  4. didn't make it through the whole thing, I won't lie. However, from what I read, your friend seemed like he was a weed fiend...fuck a fiend

  5. He said he would buy you some.

    And show us this screen shot, because this seems like it was written with some bias.
  6. If I knew how to make a TL;DR I would have, lol.

    But yeah, they've began getting more and more spazzy about weed. Like, anytime I invite them to do stuff with me they're like, "Hey man, if you want, you can bring some stuff,"
    The thing is, I'm not a stoner-stoner. I'm more of a stoner who smokes to relax and medicate in a calm atmosphere. But this guy always pressures me to smoke while driving, or in public places. I'm just not down for that, and he knows it. And he's never once smoked me out. And I have done that for him many many times.

  7. I would, but I don't have a way to blur out the faces. I promise you, it's authentic. I did change some stuff, like, typos we made, but that was just so the audience could read it better.
  8. it looks like shit, but this is the bottom half of the convo. hopefully those pictures wont be enough to tell who this person is. (i'm such a paranoid person)

  9. Fuck him, you said no; enough said.
    You've mentioned to him multiple times that your having relationship problems and I don't recall him asking/commenting about it at all.... all about the weed

    Tl;Dr ;P
    Like ghost said, dude sounds like a fiend
  10. Yeah, idk man. You seem to kinda be in the wrong here but so does he for not respecting you enough to just fuck off after you said no the first time.

    On one hand, you guys are friends. You couldn't have just smoked him up? And he even offered to pay. Double! Now, I don't know how you roll with your homies, but me? I'm always down to throw down cause my buddies are for real my second family and I'd do anything for some of em, even if it meant smoking them up with the last of my weed for a few weeks.

    On the other hand, I get what you mean by not wanting to be relied on and plus, after a while people will tend to only contact you about the weed. So I get that. And also, you're just playing it safe by not dealing. So you're smart in that regard too. So I get that as well. But idk man.

    Actually I just read through it all again. He's an asshole. Don't sound like a good friend. Like, he started name calling and insulting you. Fuck dat dood. You should smoke that joint THEN go on a walk with him and tell him how good the joint was. :D
  11. If he had money then why doesn't he just buy it himself

  12. I love smoking my friends out. But this friend is also terrible to smoke with. They get really loud and draw attention to us doing illegal activities. And at the time, I probably would have gone out to smoke with him, but I was having super bad relationship troubles. That's why I wanted to just chill outside with him (we live on the same street) so maybe i could just relax outside. The last thing I was thinking about was getting high.
  13. Well it depends, if you didn't really have enough then fuck him, you said no. But if you had a good amount and you where just lying then I would call you a greddy basterd. But I understand what yur coming from, relationships can be hard, I just got out of a really awful one, and MJ does help with my depression and anxiety. And this dude just needs to have some patients and wait for his friend to be done babysitting. And it also depends on good of freinds you are with this guy. If it was one of my best friends, I prolly would have sold him a joint, but then again, if I only had enough for myself, I probably woulden't.
  14. Didn't read the OP, but I'd handle it like I handle any situation - Alcohol, fighting, speeding, pissing.

  15. I dunno, he obviously knew someone, they were just busy. But I wouldn't push someone after they said no as many times as I did.
  16. I have the same issue as you op I picked up a half not to long ago now a ton of my friends are asking to buy a sack
  17. Replying to this as well as OP.

    Why don't you all just GIVE them your connect so they would stop asking?

    Whenever I used to ask for connects from friends they would tell me..

    "My connect is super fucking paranoid and doesn't want me to share their number."

    Yeah, okay.. As if the connect ONLY sells to like 4 of his friends and doesn't tell anyone his number. If you're a connect and you're paranoid you need to stop serving.

    But seriously..

    share your connect or something.
  18. You aren't in the wrong at all. You said no and that should have been the end of it. No excuses or further conversation needed. Your friend needs a serious reality check.

    He was probably harassing you like this because the guy he usually gets it off of got sick of that abrasive shit and dropped him. Babysitting my ass. If he put you though that imagine what he did to his regular guy.
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    You let that go on way too long trying to justify it.

    "Me: Low supply
    Hey hang on

    Friend: ill pay its only one

    You said: brb
    I would've said: "Nope, sorry man, can't help you out this time."

    His further questioning/etc I would have just ignored. He got his answer, if he doesn't like it he can sit and fume all he wants.

    Wow you really don't understand the difference between the dealer sharing his number with people he has met, versus he customers giving his number to strangers so they can call him and say, "Hey, uh, I got your number from Jim, will you sell me some weed?" :confused: You've got to be kidding me. If that's the outlook you've got then maybe YOU need to stop buying before you get your dealer caught up in some bullshit because you're too cool to be "paranoid"

    I don't really mean that you should stop smoking, but I said that to illustrate how ridiculous it is that you think a dealer should not sell weed unless he is going to sell it to any random person who calls his phone.
  20. after he said "screw you" I woulda been like alright man, fine I'll do it, just this once.

    I then would proceed to go to the back yard, find some leaves, grind them up, roll a joint, take it to him and tell him it's some of the dankest shit I've ever gotten.

    Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that'd be the last time he'd slobber all over your balls lookin for bud

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