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How would you guys suggest i go about making a grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by higgy94, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. i would like to try to make a grinder so i can not waste thc by breaking bud up in my fingers and so i can collect keif. anyone ever tried to make one or have any suggestions?
  2. If you have a coffee grinder that'll do the trick.

    If not just use scissors, they take awhile but if your smoking alone who gives a shit.

    As for the kief collecting...just load your bowls using a birthday card and after a while kief starts to build up(dependeing on wether or not you get greedy and load the kief into your bowl before it actually has time to build up:smoking:)

  3. use a sea salt grinder or a peppercorn grinder, they usualy have a glass container attatched you can fill with a good amount of bud, about the size of a regular perscription pill bottle
  4. I haven't heard of anyone making a grinder before. They aren't that expensive so you could always just buy one - you wouldn't ever have to replace it...
  5. well until i move out in like a year i cant have anything around that will tell my parents i smoke. they think i quit
  6. shot glass and scissors
  7. i like using my fingers, i like touching the bud for some reason.
  8. grinders are real small and inexpensive. if u have a car then u can find a spot to keep the grinder hidden. just take out the backseat ashtray or something. plenty of spots u just gotta find them.
  9. There is no great way to break up weed and collect keif without a grinder.
    Grinders are really not expensive. You can get a 2 piece grinder for extremly cheap though.
  10. in the case that you can't buy one, take two snapple caps and put poster tacks in them. Works alright.

    Not trying to be a age police, but if you're under 18 FIND someone to buy you one. Grinders are amazing when you've got even a 2 piece.

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