How Would You Grade Obama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by njhippie, May 30, 2009.

  1. Would you give obama an A, B, C, D or F based on how he's done so far.
  2. I'll give him an average "C"... it's really too early to earn that A or F. The sad part is that I consider the last 8 years "average" so right now he is equal to Bush on my grade scale. Still waitin' on that change
  3. Equal to Bush? That doesn't bode too well for him :p

    But seriously, I think everyone has realized by now that he's just another politician, albeit exceptionally well-versed and well-educated, etc. (which seems to have been lacking in the past 8 years...)
  4. Bush really gets a bad rap. He did the best he could given the situation. Its kinda hard to grade Obama at this point, its only been a few months. C sounds about right.
  5. I think it is either he is doing a good job or he isn't, anything in between is unsatisfactory.

    That said, I don't think he is doing a good job, but then I don't think he has much choice in the matter either.

    As whether he is willfully complying or not, I wonder if even he knows. :p
  6. yeah I think the world will realize he is not that fundamentally different than Bush when it comes to expanding the empire. We are in tough spot due to the economy but I have a feeling we will become more involved in world conflicts. All the MSM is beating on the war drum whether it be Iran or North Korea. If Obama keeps us out of more war and restores more civil liberties at home I'd be a happy man.
  7. Yeah. Although North Korea has been threatening South Korea for awhile from what I've heard, so I could warm up to the idea of war (if one of them starts it, of course; and I'd still need convincing).

    I don't know too much about Iran, but from what I hear, the President is a complete whackjob.
  8. Only problem is that we are broke as hell. You also have to remember that China will back North Korea and they have the U.S. credit card. If war started Seoul would be destroyed instantly. tens of thousands of screaming koreans would rush across the border and millions would die. The U.S. would push the North Koreans back to the 38th parallel or farther. Then China would send millions of troops in Korea then annex the state. China wins.
  9. Hmm I never thought of that. And it's not like they're lacking in troops or technology. Scary shit, man. I do not like the idea of an imperialistic China.
  10. yeah man it is scary shit. One of my good friends from HS is stationed in Seoul and is a medic. I'm nervous for him.

    Hey at least buy a Samsung phone if you want to help the South Koreans. They put these babies on the border

    [ame=]YouTube - South Korea's Machine Gun Sentry Robot[/ame]
  11. Samsung made that? Or just sponsored it? Either way, I'm going to own those one day.
  12. Dude, that's awesome; long live Samsung! :hello:
  13. meh, its been 5 months. in january we'll see what my thoughts are.
  14. I'm gonna wait until probably midway through 2011 before I even BEGIN to judge. Mostly because that's when he'll need reelection and will have had a fair time under his belt and we might even see a fair deal of his promises come true.

    As far as he's doing now I think he's doing a decent job working on or coming through on his campaign promises. Obviously he hasn't fufilled all of them and has broken a few but I do like that he has accomplished a fair deal of them already.
  15. "He'll lie, but who cares, we'll accept it"

    (That attitude was annoying for Bush, I don't think it has changed much since)
  16. I'd give'em a A.Atleast,obama has the right attitude bush was a bumbling fool.:smoke:
  17. Obama is a fucking joke. After 100 days in office he has managed to spend the same amount of money on corporate handouts than bush did in the entire Iraq war!! He is a corporatist! You cant stack up 11 trillion dollars of debt and expect it to magically disappear hes fucking your countries future. He also hasn't pulled your troops out of Iraq or taken back the government powers expanded by bush. He's a warmongering liberty hating gun grabbing government expanding corporatist fool.

    You americans are so fucking retarded.
  18. Or, we would end up in a 5 minute world war 3 which kills the entire world population, except for Australia.

    Don't you just love nukes?
  19. To be fair, his withdrawal plan from Iraq is supposed to happen over the next year or so.

    And he's only been in office 5 do you expect him to completely rewrite laws and all that crap that Bush put into place in 5 months, All the while trying to fix the fucking economy. He's not Superman, he's just a great politician and a mediocre statesman who is in way over his head and has no business running a country.

    He has no idea what the fuck he's doing, but that doesn't mean he's an asshole.

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