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how would you go about making a steamroller?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brain_stew, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. im very intrested and wondering if anyone here has made one?
  2. Take some kind of attractive tube. Drill hole in said tube. Shove a slider/trumpet mouthpiece in there maybe with a female (oring) or hot glue or something to keep it airtight. and smoke up
  3. righteous thanks man!
  4. i made one not to long ago with a card board tube from a paper towel roll. i super glued a socket wrench peice with a grill in it in a hole at one end of the tube and used the opened end of the tube as the carb. it worked magnificintly i must say
  5. I made one once with a small paintball barrel (it was stainless steel) and drilled into the side of it, mounted a socket from a set, and attached with some kind of adhesive puddy that I cant recall the name of right now. I covered the end as a shotgun and let go when done lighting. Thing got hot, but it worked...
  6. Paper towel roll, ratchet socket.
  7. i think im gonna go out on a limb and try wood we'll see how it goes haha
  8. Did this a few times when I was desperate, no glue though, I just cut the hole a little small. I hate steam rollers but the only other option I had then was a soda can and that's worse IMO.
  9. Haha I used to work at a building supply warehouse and me and my friends took a 6' cardboard tube and made a steam roller out of it the same way you would a paper towel roll. It took 2 people to hit it, one person holding the end with the bowl and one sucking from the other end. It ripped so big that someone had to blow the smoke toward you. I think I have a pic or maybe even a video of it haha, I'll look for it.
  10. hahaha sounds intense
  11. I made a 5 foot bong out of a fishing pole tube that sounds similar.
  12. This is seriously in seasoned tokers?

    And its as simple as a toilet paper roll and some aluminum foil.

    Tube and bowl, all you need.
  13. Yeah its similar but this was dry. It was brutal as fuck.
  14. pringles can with a bowl piece attached to it. and some holes poked in it and shit.
  15. Dude, were out of papers!

    Alright. Bring me a toilet paper tube, a corkscrew, and some tinfoil (steamrollahhhhhhhhhhh)

    We dont have a corkscrew!

    Okay, bring me an icepick, my snorkel and an avacado. Trust me I've made bongs with less
  16. My friend made one out of a PVC pipe and a bong bowl, it works great!
  17. sweet cant wait till mines finished haha
  18. #18 KingJesus, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
    Paper towel roll, Milk jug cap, tape, and a drill bit.
  19. The way I do it is take a small water bottle (like the small 12 fl Oz bottles) cut a whole on the top, stick a pen through it, get something to use as a bowl, now cut a whole the size of 2 fingers in the bottom or the bottle, now rip it up.. It's sick cuz it's a really cheap piece but rips like a fucking god!! If takes 2 hits to clearthe smoke off one light.. The best homemade piece I have ever made, now I always make this

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