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How Would You Get Bud In La?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by roma, May 23, 2013.

  1. I moved to LA not too long ago, but I haven't really met anyone since I am pretty anti social I suppose. How would you go about getting someone to hook you up with like an 8th if you were me? You can pm me if you know how to, I would really like to smoke some bud right about now, haha.

  2. you're in LA
    and you cant find bud?
    I'd suggest hitting up some bars and just start conversations with people, go out for a cigarette with some people who look like they might smoke weed. make some new friends and ask around if anybody knows anywhere, you can't be anti-social man :p
  3. Well look for stoners? I went to la and stayed there for a week. Found a dealer at a 7/11. Its not hard to find one man.
    I am 20 so bars are out of the question at the moment. It might be easy to say make new friends, and trust me I can't make friends like that. And just asking random people on the streets seems weird, more so since I live in Burbank and people here aren't known as dealers that hang on corners slanging weed. (I know it's not LA lol).
  5. Wait wait wait.. You CANT find bud in Cali?  That's just kinda oxymoronic bro, I literally walked out of the LA airport 3 weeks ago, asked the first person I saw, walked with him to a dispense, and then got high.. 
    Either you're just mean to stoners, look like a pig, or are just unlucky.  Good luck bro. If you see someone in cali and think "hm, they might know how to get nug," they probs do.

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