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How Would You Explain It?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bob Santana, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. My friend asked me today what it was like to get high. I told him the for me it is as if the clock is in slow motion because i will be thinking while staring at something for what seems like 5 min but when i look at the clock not even a minute has passed.

    But this got me wondering. What is it like for you guys?
    I've heard that it is different for everyone and i am curious as to how everyone else would explain it.
  2. I would explain it as being put at ease and free to think about whatever you want for as long as you want, as deeply as you want.
    And everything is more entertaining.
  3. it's as if every sense you have is amplified..

    and every experience is a new one.
  4. uhhh the expierence depends on what you smoke.. lol
  5. For me, its whatever I want it to be.

    Its much easier for me to just tell my friends a specific experience I had rather than just being high in general.
  6. True, if its a sativa have fun staring at anything and making yourself laugh, and if its an indica, feel like you're paralyzed because every movement is a job.

    And even different depending on strain and Sativa/indica mix.
  7. for any high I've been in, active or chill, everything is better, more satisfying, tastier, more beautiful. Moving feels better, breathing feels better, your mind is more open, and you think more into things, and realize new things. It basically makes EVERYTHING 10 times better than what it seems or is.
  8. its like an orgasm...always good

  9. This is it exactly.

    Think about it, food tastes better, music sounds better, funny movies are more hilarious (scary movies are frightening). All of your senses, emotions, and thoughts are expanded and amplified. People become paranoid because they're nervous about their surroundings. Even sex is better because your body can feel the pleasure a lot more. Once in a great while, I'll feel kinda cold, but can't control my shivering. Same concept.

    The down side is if you're tired, you're EXHAUSTED.

  10. exactly :smoking:
  11. when i am high its like i dont have control of anythign but at the same time i have the control of not being in control if that makes any sense to you. ITs like everythign is under magnifying, and things[feelings] are more intense.
  12. its like getting a B.J from 3 hot angels, while watching the Superbowl, and winning the lotto all at once. And while your getting a B.J three super models stip in front of you.

    but seriously, for me, its like every detail in life is magnified, including my vision, and your conscious thought become more in tune, and your able to here yourself talk in your head. Just get that foo high! what the hell kinda thread is this!
  13. (I thought about this at a hockey game)

    It's like watching a Zamboni driven by the Trix Bunny going round and round and it's the most amazing and beautiful thing because it's so simple and it seems to go on forever.
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    When I have done this for a friend who has never been high, I just explain all the aspects of it separately, each kind of feeling you can get (i.e. laughing, thinking about things differently, body high, euphoria, munchies. etc but also bad things like tiredness, paranioa, etc. Explain that not all feelings are felt at the same time or even in the same high. Its important to mention that because you have to think of what you thought before you smoked. Like when I heard about paranoia and euphoria as both being effects before I smoked I was like, how can two contradicting things be felt at the same time, when that is just the thing, they are at different times.

    Be like one effect is X, and X entails . . .

    Another effect is Y and Y entails . . .


    Just keep naming as much as you can think of. Keep them interested maybe you can get them to try it. Remember there is nothing wrong with trying to get someone to try it as long as you accept a "no" answer once it is given and move . onYou can even try again if you have waited long enough, maybe a month or so, imo.

    One time when I was describing paranoia to a friend, they said that would make them not want to try it. I told them I have the feeling almost every time I use it, which is true, but often times its like last time, very mild and lasts short time (which was about 15 seconds last night), which is definately worth the rest of the high. Other times its mild and lasts maybe 10 minutes or so (often times while having a snack I worry about choking on my munchies). Other times its severe and lasts too long.

    IMO, the hardest part to explain is the body high. Still havent thought of a way to explain that, other than saying kinda like being drunk,which I think is a pretty shitty approximation.
  15. For me with the stuff I get most of the time it's a state of deep relaxation. My brain just kinda shuts up and i can focus better on all the little things that I enjoy so much. I think it heightens my senses, but sort of slows me down at the same time. Basically stuff just gets so much more chill and enjoyable.
  16. I dont really get paranoid....or maybe I do but i dont realize it
    sometimes I get chest pain and think im dying or something but thats usually just heartburn
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    when i get asked to describe it i say

    imagine just being chill...chiller than you can imagine
  18. Euphoria, best way to describe it to me.
  19. I feel like I get elevated to another level of consciousness where all negative tendancies/emotions/feelings are nonexistent amongst a vast ocean of endless, amazing thoughts that will infinitely expand one's mind. My body feels good due to the previously mentioned mind-state, so I stay feeling splendid.

    Something that is truely amazing, and definitely something EVERYONE deserves to experience.
  20. I think you have the best explanation so far. I deff seccond yours b/c that happens alot to me. And Im always s surprised its only been like a minuit haha.

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