How would you explain colors to a blind person?

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  1. I was just giving this a thought and would explain it as "like sound but stickier". It's a tough one but how would you do it?
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  2. Word association I suppose, maybe emotions and feelings.

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  3. How long has he/she been blind?. Not suggesting you do but you could give them a hall uci no gen if they have had there vision as a child or until 3 minimal but if they have been blind sense they where born Idk i can't think of words to describe it
  4. Yeah, they were born blind.
  5. Hmm..Through feelings and expressions possibly?
    I would look into Chakras and meanings of colors from ancient texts seem to be far more deeply connected then new-age information on these subjects.

    By looking at the sun and feeling its waves i would think yellow is a happy color as during the mid-day sun you feel more alive and happy/energetic then when it turns more orange closer to sunset it becomes more warm and relaxing feeling and comforting. ehh i tried.
  6. If they've always been blind, you can't. I've got a friend who was born blind. The optic nerves don't make it to his eyes or something like that. He told me people have tried to explain colors to him all his life, and that each time he has a hard time not laughing at the stupid fucks. He told me that's something blind people talk about and laugh about when they're together. It's like trying to explain smell to someone with no nose. There is no point of reference.
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    I think the point of reference is the other 4 senses. and if said blind person can understand that there's an entirely different set of senses they can't access then they could at least imagine the concept of sight. not that they'll see color or anything for that matter but I think they can embrace the idea. like all humans embrace the idea of psychics, ( whether you believe in them or not) and the electric field that some sharks use to find food. (Hammerhead) or whales/dolphins with sonar.
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  9. I'm not sure you understand how senses work. Blind people understand that we have a sense they don't, but that doesn't mean they can understand colors.
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    Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I think most of those animal senses are the same as ours except to the extreme.

    Also to any deaf people on GC, feel welcome to post how people have tried to explain sound or pitch to you? What was the best and worst explanations?
  12. Deaf people can feel the vibration of sound. Low and high pitch feel differently.

    I like how you, a sighted person, thinks it must be easy for blind people to conceptualize the idea of colors, yet blind people themselves say that they can't. I'm assuming you can make a person with no sense of taste understand what tomato sauce tastes like too. You must be an amazing individual.
  13. I clearly stated it was a tough question on my OP. Now you decide to take personal sarcastic shots at me so bye.
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  14. Black is what they see, maybe red when theirs ligh or orange or yellow. Do Blind people see shapes like we do when we close our eyes tight

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  15. sounds like we're getting into the question of what kind of activity occurs in the visual areas of the brain when the optic nerves aren't transferring anything. not that i know, of course. interesting question, though.
    there may be some kind of link to be made on a taste basis, like red apples or bell peppers tend to be sweeter than green ones...might only work for fruits, really.
    i associate colors and textures with smell, which can be really confusing for others. I once asked my husband, :what's that crumbly, dark red smell?" but how DO you really go about describing a smell?
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  16. I don't know if you've ever looked at the sun with your eyes closed but to me it looks red and for the rest I dunno
  17. I'd describe them with emotions or feelings.
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  18. Good question. Ive thought about it before and i basically throw my hands up and say its impossible. But if i actually had someone in my life that was blind, i would probably put a lot more thought and effort into how i could at least convey it with analogy.

    All of the best ideas have been covered IMO.

    Analogy with other senses, and mind altering substances.

    I have to read that link Wisdom posted, it sounds amazing.

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    I've read and seen many NDE's Near death experiences from articles and youtube where people blind from birth have a similar reaction and they see with the mind or the soul(if you will) many explain it feels like you vibrate out of your body or something along those lines which is exactly how it feels for me but less of coming out of the body and more of waking up to the the essence of your being and the body merely a projection as it dissolves into non-existence but yeah as usual words do little justice when trying to explain the non-physical phenomena.

    My friend always tells me after his experiences that this life and this world is nothing, its not even real but merely a projection of our consciousness yet people take life way to seriously and are in this never ending play. This is probably why the more spiritually connected one becomes the more simpler and happier and less serious life is handled. I also noticed as people become wiser and older they tend to become more like a child, playful, careless and full of life.
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    Watchout guys your posts will get deleted if you talk about substances and entheogens that expand your consciousness and set your mind free from the socially/culturally constructed mindset of today that limits your true potential so you are not allowed to think outside the box and experiment with your own consciousness even if they are natural and grow naturally in the wild yet you are allowed to talk about coffee, sugar, alcohol and pharmaceuticals which will numb the mind/body and do the exact opposite by rendering those parts of the brain used for critical thinking and optimal cognitive function useless. These people need it the most i guess.. Lets not forget about the thousands of people cured permanently from depression, anxiety, PTSD, fears, phobias, suicidal thoughts and so it goes on :/

    If nature is illegal than freedom doesn't exist.
    Mindless drones @ their finest!

    “Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told. Obedience is doing what is told regardless of what is right.” - Wake up please.
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