How would you describe your highs

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  1. You ever try to describe your high? It's fuckin hard. I can't do it, I just gotta hand a man a J and have him see for him self. Haha describe ur highs if possible and what's ur favorite type of high?

    *sparks blunt*
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  3. I feel like my head is soaring in clouds of white chocolate.  My body radiates and it feels as if I'm inside a warm cocoon. 
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    My favorite type is when my depth perception changes. I'm always aware of where things are but how I view them sometimes is weird. Lmao this is actually really hard to describe. Say I'm standing to the side of a car looking at it, if the light hits it right then in my head ill instantly think of other occurrences of when I've seen this object with different lighting and a different viewpoint (say behind the car) and yeah I love that. It happens everyday with lots of different things. I think I just focus so hard on what I'm doing when I'm high that I want to give it my full attention. No idea why I see things from previous viewpoints though. I also feel like a wave of good energy (in my head) when I see the different things

    Tldr: I see everything different
    Feels like my brain is having an orgasm. All senses are hightened, all stress is gone. :smoking:
  6. Back in high school I described it as a wheel of euphoria spinning throughout my body
  7. With a pen is best, but if I'm feeling lazy any computer works for me
  8. You're describing something I experience, I love it
  9. My high is relaxing and great. Life gets a lighter feel and sometimes I get that feeling that I'm still but the walls are rolling which was weird at first but is pretty cool.

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  10. Got a nice edible high going right now. Feels nice. Like my chest is light as a feather, my eyes are bring massaged from behind (in a good way!) and head just rolls so easily side to side. Smile I can't do nothing about.

    Tl;Dr it's nice.
  11. To put it short and sweet, I feel at home when I'm high, like it's taking me to a place I've never been before, but it feels like I've been there a million times.

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