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How would you define the word weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lizardking, Oct 8, 2007.

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    I'm writing a definition essay for english 125 and i think i am going to do it on the word weed. I need some ideas as the paper needs to be four to five pages in length and the rough draft is due on tuesday. I am a very bad procrastinator. ;) Here are some excerpts from my essay guidline that my teacher gave me.

    Mess. Politically Correct. Celebrity. Traditional Family. Like the authors we have read and will read, you will draw out the complexities and controversies from simple words that would, without your examination of them, "tend to get swept under the rug." Your assignment is to write a four to five page essay defining a word that warrants more than dictionary definition. You must convince your classmates (and me) that this word matters and you must take us by the hand and show us a way to look at it that we haven't before. In other words, you will take a word that most of us take for granted and convince your reader to reconsider its common definition. Your goal is to use a variety of strategies for definition modeled in our readings to deepen your reader's understanding of the word.

    So far I think I would probably start the paper by talking about the actual definition of the term weed and its origins. After that maybe go in to the governments definition and the negative connotations usually associated with it. From there I would express how the government's definition and the publics negative view is wrong and talk about how weed is much more than a plant that brings one to a state of euphoria. I am thinking that I will probably talk about how weed isn't bad by discussing how it brings people together despite their many differences, puts people in a state of euphoria, stuff like that. I don't know though, I don't really know where to go with it. Do you think I will be addressing what I am supposed to be addressing? I need ideas. Or do you guys think I should just define Internet.

    Ideas please oh creative ones!

    Sorry for posting in both forums but hopefully i will get more constructive feedback from this crowd. serious responses only please. :)
  2. Wednesday use a bong
    Every other day I smoke blunts
    Either one gets me high

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